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GGTV – Zeno Promenade 2015: Mira Smart Jewelry with Suzanne H. EL-Moursi

by Steve Masterson November 11, 2015
Jumping back to Zeno Promenade we find out from Suzanne H. EL-Moursi, Creative Director at Mira, that fitness and fashion can go hand in hand with their smart jewelry. Check it out!

GGTV – Zeno Promenade 2015: Move Loot Details with Andrew Baron

by Steve Masterson November 6, 2015
Move Loot is marketplace for selling and buying used funiture. Andrew Baron General Manager at Move Loot, tells us all about it. Check it out!

GGTV – Zeno Promenade 2015: DODOcase Handcrafted iPad & iPhone Cases with Emilie Buckley

by Steve Masterson November 4, 2015
Back at the Zeno Promenade we get a chance to see the handcrafted cases from DODOcase, Emilie Buckley, Director of Marketing shows off all the good stuff. Check it out!

GGTV – Zeno Promenade 2015: Oura Wellness Ring Info with Petteri Lahtela

by Steve Masterson October 30, 2015
Oura is a ring-sized wellness computer that monitors your sleep and daytime activity, Petteri Lahtela tells us all about how it works. Check it out!

GGTV – Zeno Promenade 2015: TiVo Bolt with Renae Cazet

by Steve Masterson October 29, 2015
Back to the Zeno Promenade and TiVo. Renae Cazet, PR Manager at TiVo tells us all about the new Bolt DVR. Check it out!

GGTV – Zeno Promenade: iTOi

by Steve Masterson October 31, 2014
Last stop on the Zeno Promenade this year is with Kristin Kelly who’s showing off the iTOi. Think you can’t cut a video without a real computer? Kristin is going to show us why that thinking is wrong.

GGTV – Zeno Promenade: Enrico Cuini DRESR

by Steve Masterson October 12, 2014
High tech high heel shoes? Zeno Promenade has them. What’s so high tech about these high heels? Only one way to find out!

GGTV – Zeno Promenade: TiVo Mega

by Steve Masterson October 11, 2014
Next stop on the Zeno Promenade is with Angel Badagliacco and the TiVO Mega which boasts 6 tuners and 24TB of hot swappable storage which is enough for 4,000 hours of HD video storage!

GGTV – Zeno Promenade: Anki DRIVE

by Steve Masterson October 10, 2014
We’re back at the Zeno Promenade and our first stop is with Dace Hines from Anki who tells us all about their DRIVE mobile slot car game which features AI upgrades and kind of neat tech you would not expect.

Zeno Promenade: Monster Products

by Steve Masterson October 23, 2013
Our last stop at the Zeno Promenade is Monster Products with Jennifer Lopez who tells us all about their new iSport Freedom headphones and the new M7 tablet.

Zeno Promenade: Exo Labs Focus Microscope Camera

by Steve Masterson October 16, 2013
As we return to the Zeno Promenade technology tour, we check out the Focus Microscope Camera which allows you to use your smartphone or tablet to digitize the viewport from a microscope.