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Rumor Has It: NextBox might not be always “Always-On”

by Ryan Bateson May 6, 2013
I can hear everyone rolling their eyes already, and I can’t blame you. Every time one of these Rumor pieces goes up concerning the NextBox 720 Durango Project Fusion, it’s usually accompanied by a big fat NO. No backwards-compatibility. No solid name. No, no, no. How about a yes, for once? Rumor has it that […]

Rumor Has It: NextBox May Have a Name Finally

by Ryan Bateson May 3, 2013
See, the funny thing about the Intert00bZ is that it makes it really hard to keep things a secret. The rumors are flying fast and loose with the news that Microsoft is squatting on a bunch of web domains featuring the word “XBox” and the word “Fusion,” including amongst them, .info, .biz, and […]