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Peggle 2 arrives on Xbox 360 on May 7

by Charlie Grammeron March 4, 2014
That’s right, readers. Peggle 2 will be arriving on Microsoft’s previous console come May 7, bringing with it all of the ball-bouncing lessons in geometry and rainbows that gamers who have yet to adopt the newest console  can enjoy. Xbox 360 users (that are fans of Peggle) aren’t the only ones that have reason to celebrate today, however, as […]

Thrustmaster Releasing Pair of 360 Controllers

by Adam Larckon October 15, 2012
Thrustmaster has revealed a pair of 360 controllers that will be available soon. The first, called the GPX LightBack, will feature sticks with precision gauges to give real-time feedback and a light feedback system that shows backlighting on the stick based on events in game. In addition, the LightBack has vibration feedback, non-slip surface on […]

New PDP green TRON controller = I Want!

by Raychul Mooreon August 8, 2011
PDP makes some of the radest designed controllers and accessories around and this new green TRON Xbox 360 controller is no exception. This is the Collector’s Edition R3C0NF1GUR3D Green Xbox 360 TRON Controller and there are only 750 of these beauts available. The only place for you to pick one up is on the PDP […]