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How Xbox One could finally fight back against PS4

by Tyler Colpon April 29, 2014
Something needs to change with Microsoft’s Xbox One strategy. It’s selling a fair amount, but it’s struggling to defeat Sony’s powerful PlayStation 4. It’s on the losing end of most of the debates, whether it’s resolution, framerate, or price. The games that might bring value to the console might be coming, but so are Sony’s. […]

Titanfall’s price on Xbox One is a sign of a larger problem with games today

by Tyler Colpon March 12, 2014
It takes a considerable amount of money to play a modern game on the current set of consoles, and the price is only getting higher. Microsoft is the most egregious with its pricing model. An Xbox One retails for $500 and to access most of its third-party features like Netflix and Hulu, and to play […]

Microsoft will unlock more GPU power for Xbox One devs in the future

by Dragos Dobreon October 2, 2013
When speaking with Eurogamer, Microsoft’s engineer Andrew Goossen said that 10% of the console’s GPU resourced are reserved ffor both graphic processing for Kinect and rendering Xbox One’s app. “The current reservation provides strong isolation between the title and the system and simplifies game development – strong isolation means that the system workloads, which are […]

Xbox One to capture footage at 720p, 60fps, Gamerpics at 1080p

by Dragos Dobreon August 6, 2013
The release of Microsoft’s Xbox One is getting closer and closer to it’s November release and a lot of questions are still unanswered. IGN managed to convince Microsoft to answer to a couple of the most important questions asked by gamers. While you can check the full interview here, we think we have spotted a […]

NBA Live 14 will release exclusively on PS4 and Xbox One

by Dragos Dobreon June 6, 2013
EA has just confirmed that the most played basketball game, NBA Live 14, will be launching exclusively to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The team decided to skip the production of NBA Live 13, and bring the series to next-gen consoles. Of course, the game will be using the new Ignite engine, the one revealed […]