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Wikipad out June 11

by Adam Larckon June 4, 2013
The Wikipad will be available next week. The 7-inch tablet will be available at Best By, Walmart and on June 11 for $249. This is half of what the model was originally expected to launch for back in October 2012, but the screen has also been downsized from 10 inches to 7 inches. The […]

Wikipad Releasing this Spring

by Adam Larckon February 7, 2013
A new release window for the Wikipad has been revealed today. The Android tablet is now set to launch this spring as a smaller 7-inch model. The new screen will help it be cheaper than the previous $500 10-inch model. The new model will cost $249. The 10-inch model will be out at some point […]

Wikipad Gets Delayed

by Adam Larckon October 31, 2012
Today was supposed to be the release date of the new Wikipad tablet. However, pre-orderers will have to wait a bit longer. The team released a statement today that they have delayed the Oct. 31 release date at GameStop to enhance the bundle as well as make some minor refinements. A new release date has […]

Wikipad Demo and Details with Fraser Townley

by Steve Masterson September 28, 2012
GotGame sits down with Fraser Townley. He gives us a demo of the Wikipad!, gaming tablet. He shows us some gameplay and we ask him when we can expect them and how much they’lll retail for.

Wikipad Coming to Gamestop on Halloween

by Ramon Arandaon September 7, 2012
Wikipad, Inc. has revealed that their Wikipad tablet will be coming to Gamestop stores and online on Oct. 31. The Android-based tablet, which will be priced at $499, will be play a variety of games from a handful of game platforms such as PlayStation Mobile, NVIDIA’s Tegra Zone, Google Play as well as several upcoming unannounced […]

Gamescom 2012: Wikipad Now Certified to Carry PlayStation Mobile Software

by Drew Robbinson August 15, 2012
Expansion into the mobile space hasn’t been the easiest of tasks undertaken by Sony; the publisher’s experimental smart phone, the Xperia Play, has become little more than a novelty since its launch last April. No matter the dullness of the thud made by the device upon its release, the PlayStation Mobile concept that powered it […]

Wikipad Specs Revealed

by Adam Larckon July 31, 2012
New technical specs have been revealed for the Wikipad. According to VentureBeat, the device will have a 10.1 inch display with a 1280×800 resolution. It will be powered by the Nvidia Tegra 3 T30 1.4 GHz processor and have 1 GB of DDR2 Ram, in addition to a 16 GM internal Flash memory. The OS […]

Gaikai Teams up With Wikipad

by Andrew Kenton May 2, 2012
Tablets are starting to worm their way into the hardcore gaming market. First OnLive with it’s touch controlled gaming tablet, and now Gaikai and Wikipad are teaming up to make the “first tablet to offer an attachable, console quality gamepad controller.” Gaikai is a competitor to OnLive, also offereing cloud gaming. The Wikipad was revealed […]