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Nintendo purchases patents of IA Labs

by Charlie Grammeron January 10, 2014
Some of you may recall that back in 2010 a company known as IA Labs sued Nintendo over their game, Wii Fit. Their claim against the gaming giant was that the technology utilized in the Wii Fit peripheral infringed on their copyrights. A court of law disagreed, and in the end, the company was forced […]

Review | Wii Fit U

by Ramon Arandaon November 12, 2013
I’ve always felt that Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus were both underrated titles for the Wii that actually did a decent job of getting you in shape, assuming you kept at it and didn’t lose motivation. But while both had the potential of getting the job done, there was something missing, something that kept […]

GotGame Radio Daily: 5.24.12 – Let’s Get Fit With These Games

by Steve Masterson May 24, 2012
Have you been trying to figure how to get yourself into shape? Well, there are a couple of games that might help you do that and I’ve checked them out. In this episode of GotGame, Wii Fit, Zumba and Kung Fu High Impact. Stay tuned to find out which of those I like the most. […]