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Zeno Promenade: Eye-Fi Mobi

by Steve Masterson September 21, 2013
Our Zeno Promenade coverage continues as we talk with Ziv Gillat about the newest version of their wi-fi enabled SD cards which can connect directly to your mobile device.

3DS StreetPass update removes the need for real people

by Charlie Grammeron August 6, 2013
Some of you who own a 3DS may remember that in June of this year, Nintendo announced a system update that would add a new feature to the 3DS. This feature would allow the console to receive StreetPass encounters via Wi-Fi access points. What, exactly, does this mean? It’s pretty simple, actually. It essentially removes […]

Perfect Link and More Features Announced for Pokemon Conquest

by Drew Robbinson May 30, 2012
The subset of people that play and enjoy video games happen to be the same subset of people that love to complain. In the case of Pokemon, the complaint has always been that every game falls along the same lines as the ones that came before it. Pokemon Conquest, a title developed by Tecmo Koei […]

3DS Gets Free Wi-Fi Access in UK Airports

by AJ Dellingeron January 23, 2012
Nintendo has signed a partnership with major UK airports to provide their portable gaming device, the 3DS, with free wi-fi. The deal was made with Boingo Wireless and will allow users’ 3DS to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots within airport terminals in Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Southampton, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. If you’re not from the UK (I’m […]