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Spike VGA Live Blog

by Adam Larckon December 7, 2012
The Spike VGA awards are tonight, and GotGame’s Adam Larck will be blogging live coverage from the event. Make sure to tune in at 6 p.m. PST to see all the award winners, reveals and more that are happening at the 10th anniversary of the event.

VGA’s to Reveal a Game for “Old-School” Fans!

by Lukas Jaroon November 27, 2012
Everybody loves to play games, no doubt. Especially the new ones. What could be more exciting than unpacking a title you’ve been eagerly waiting for for months, firing it up and getting sucked in? Yup, you’ve guessed it! Waiting for an unannounced game to be announced only to find out you’ll be waiting several months […]

What If Wheatley Won A VGA?

by Andrew Kenton December 22, 2011
So what if Wheatley did win a trophy at the Spike VGAs? Well GLaDOS would certainly be plotting against him for one. Also his acceptance speech would have look something like the video below. What? Valve had to make an acceptance speech for Wheatley. It’s not like he could make a guest appearance, being in […]

Wheatley at VGAs Unimpressive (As Usual)

by Andrew Kenton December 12, 2011
If you saw Wheatley’s appearance at the VGAs then the title should explain itself. When I heard that Wheatley would be making an appearance I thought that something special would happen. Usually when you take the time to announce something like this it means something big. I guess apparently not unless the coordinates Wheatley starts […]

Skyrim Wins GOTY at VGAs

by Tim St. Croixon December 11, 2011
In a not so shocking twist, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim wins GOTY at the Spike VGA’s. Beating out some other big name titles like Uncharted 3, Arkham City and Portal 2. Uncharted 3 won best PS3 game, with Portal 2 took best PC game.  

Metal Gear Rising VGA Trailer Leaked

by Sebastian Marcoon December 10, 2011
Here we are only hours away from the VGAs, and a leaked trailer has got out. From the trailer itself, seems like every PMC (Private Military Corporation) and their moms have cybernetic upgrades(Nanomachinies?!). So far it looks like Vamp (or vamp look alike?) will be in the game, along with Raiden’s insane Benny Hanna chef […]

Possible Half-Life 3 Achievements Leaked

by Tim St. Croixon December 8, 2011
Briefly, there was a screenshot via Steam of Half-Life 3 achievements. But, shortly after going up the screenshot was removed. There are rumors of a rather large announcement to be made at Spike VGA’s regarding Half-Life 3 but until it’s confirmed don’t get your hopes up. At best this is a ploy to raise awareness of a game still […]

PS3 Exclusive “Last Of Us” being teased before VGA

by John Speerbreckeron December 4, 2011
The VGA awards come to us in about a week and already we are receiving rumors about upcoming games that will be featured in this somewhat religious ceremony. One of the games that is being teased to us is titled Last of Us. This game is going to supposedly be a post apocalyptic 28 Days Later zombie game. To […]

Alan Wake’s Night Springs stands up for XBLA exclusivity

by John Speerbreckeron November 4, 2011
Night Springs is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Alan Wake. However, in this case it is going to be only for Xbox Live Arcade. There is not too much known about this version as of yet but there has been a small outcry from fans that truly want a full experience with this psychological thriller. Many […]