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Walmart Starts Selling Used Games Next Week; Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Release Plans Detailed

by Sean Garmeron October 28, 2014
When it was announced earlier this year that Walmart would begin accepting trade-ins of video games, the announcement was met with some trepidation. It was good news for gamers who enjoy buying used games because they would have another outlet in which to purchase them. However, it could also lead to a greater emphasis on […]

Should Gamestop be worried about Walmart?

by Rachael Wardon March 21, 2014
When it comes to the used games market, Gamestop has long been the reigning champion over other electronic stores, such as Best Buy and even Amazon. However with the recent announcement that Walmart will be stepping into the ring as of March 26, Gamestop might have a real fight on their hands. With their new […]

Walmart decides to take part in the game trade-in business

by Charlie Grammeron March 18, 2014
If you were wanting more choices when it comes to trading in your video games, then Walmart’s recently announced plans may please you, as they are going to launch a large-scale trade-in program at 3,100 stores across America. Unlike some stores, however, you will be able to utilize any trade-in credit for anything at all […]

Bulletstorm ex-developer defends Xbox One’s DRM

by Dragos Dobreon June 24, 2013
  It’s not the first time we see this kind of reaction from a former developer. A few weeks ago, Cliff Bleszinski, ex-developer for Epic Games, made a one-man campaign on Twitter supporting Xbox One’s DRM policies. In one of his tweets he also mentioned that Sony is taking us for fools and they company […]

Microsoft scrap plans for always-on and used games block

by Peter Whiteheadon June 19, 2013
Microsoft have been forced into an unprecedented climbdown today after announcing that the always-online will be scrapped and there will be no limits on pre-owned games. After a vocal backlash from many fans about the policies Microsoft say they have listened and changed the Xbox One because of this. Don Mattrick said in a post […]

Xbox One: Gamestop shares dwindle following new systems used games policy

by Pashford Muranoon May 28, 2013
Xbox One whiplash is still in full swing, as an article on Gamasutra reports Gamestop taking a huge hit from the news of the latest consoles used games approach. As of today, and in a direct consequence of the Xbox One reveal last week, GameStop’s stock has dropped by more than 13%, and a 7% overall […]

Nelson adds to Xbox One used game discussion

by Adam Larckon May 21, 2013
Major Nelson added a bit to the discussion that swirled up today regarding the Xbox One and used games. According to Larry Hryb, “While there have been many potential scenarios discussed, today we have only confirmed that we designed Xbox One to enable our customers to trade in and resell games at retail.” He added […]

Play N Trade CEO Talks About the Future of Gaming Retail

by John Speerbreckeron March 15, 2013
You might have heard of Play N Trade before. They are the largest Video Game Franchising retailer there is. I was able to get the chance to speak with Charles Beaupre who is the CEO of the company. Of course I had one or two questions to ask him about his thoughts on the retail […]

Rumor Has It: PS4 Might Not Block Used Titles After All

by Ryan Bateson February 21, 2013
My fellow gamers, we can all collectively exhale… it looks like the PlayStation 4 will not block pre-owned titles. According to Eurogamer (via IGN), the info was leaked in a rather awkward conversation between the Eurogamer writer, a Sony Japan PR representive, and Shuhei Yoshida, President of SCE’s Worldwide Studios, located in their Tokyo offices. […]

UK Used Games Retailer GAME Says “They Will Find A Way to Deal With No Used games”

by Sean Garmeron February 15, 2013
Today, Microsoft announced that for a 25th consecutive month the Xbox 360 was the highest selling console in the United States with 281,000 units sold in January. You have to wonder how many people bought the console because they knew they could go to a local store and for the price of one new game, […]

Would You Buy a Console that Locked Out Used Games?

by John Speerbreckeron February 11, 2013
So in the next 12 months, we are likely to see the release of new consoles, most likely the tentatively titled PS4 and the XBOX 720. The hype train is barreling down and rumors are flying faster than a hailstorm of bullets. One of the biggest rumors that could have the largest impact on the game industry […]