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Review | Umbrella Corps

by David Pooleon July 7, 2016
Resident Evil is a pretty iconic series when it comes to the video game industry, with many hits in the franchise that helped redefine genres. Though there are many successful entries, there are still a handful of titles that just don’t really work. Umbrella Corps is one such title, a multiplayer focused third-person shooter that […]

Umbrella Corps arrives on PlayStation 4 and PC

by Charlie Grammeron June 21, 2016
Capcom was excited to unleash their fast-paced third-person shooter, Umbrella Corps, on PlayStation 4 and PC across North America and Europe today. The game features quick and intense matches taking place in compact battle zones themed from historic Resident Evil environments, such as the Village from Resident Evil 4, Raccoon City, the RPD Police Station, the Umbrella Lab, and more. […]

Capcom unveils new map and infected enemy for Umbrella Corps

by Charlie Grammeron April 19, 2016
Capcom was excited to show off new screens for their upcoming Umbrella Corps game. First up is the new map, based on the Antarctic Base featured in Resident Evil Code: Veronica. This Antarctic Base, set within the research facility, was never repaired after the incident witnessed in Code: Veronica, and as such, remains in a heavily […]

Capcom reveals new mode for Umbrella Corps

by Charlie Grammeron March 1, 2016
Capcom today shared new gameplay screens and a trailer for their upcoming title, Umbrella Corps. These show off the newly revealed “Multi-Mission” mode, which supports up to 6 players in a match. The victor of this match is the first team to win three of the five rounds, with each round featuring a three minute […]

Capcom confirms Umbrella Corps release date

by Charlie Grammeron January 26, 2016
Capcom was excited today to confirm that their upcoming third-person shooter, Umbrella Corps, is set to arrive in May 2016 for both PlayStation 4 and PC in digital form. In addition, they have shared a new trailer, which you can view below: The upcoming multiplayer is set to support between 1 and 6 players with the majority […]

Capcom dev team squares off in Umbrella Corps gameplay video

by Charlie Grammeron October 9, 2015
Capcom has shared a new gameplay video showing off the fast-paced close quarters combat of their upcoming game, Umbrella Corps. This new video, which can be seen below, shows two squads from the development team duke it out in 3-versus-3 team battles in the game’s One Life Match Mode, which forces players to defeat the […]

Capcom details New York Comic Con 2015 plans

by Charlie Grammeron October 6, 2015
Capcom has recently detailed its New York Comic Con 2015 plans. This year attendees with will able to check out several of their most highly anticipated titles at booth number 1420, experiencing first-hand what the titles play like. The list of games that will be available can be seen below, courtesy of the official press […]

GGR 1132 – Umbrella Corps & Kingdom Hearts 2.8

by Steve Masterson October 1, 2015
  Listen up video gamers… it’s Steve Masters with GotGame! Recently at the Tokyo Game show, Capcom announced a new multiplayer shooter game set in the Resident Evil world… Umbrella Corps! You’ll have a backpack called a zombie jammer, it will keep zombies from attacking you if you leave them alone… other enemies? Well, you’ll […]

Umbrella Corps invades PC and PS4 in early 2016

by Charlie Grammeron September 17, 2015
Recently during the Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia Press Conference 2015, Capcom showed off a new fast-paced third person shooter set in the Resident Evil universe. This shooter is known as Umbrella Corps, and is a competitive online game that will boast quick, intense matches in zones themed from various historic Resident Evil Environments. Umbrella […]