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Todd Howard Explains Inaccessible Areas Beyond Skyrim

by Andrew Kenton February 14, 2012
As you all may have been aware someone , through the use of arcane magicks, found out about areas beyond the realm of Skyrim in the Elder Scrolls V game. These areas were concluded to be Cyrodiil and Morrowind respectively. Many of you have probably wondered why these land masses are even here, some have […]

To Burn the Chicken, or not to Burn? That is the Question (Skyrim)

by Andrew Kenton September 25, 2011
In Skyrim you can burn  chickens! Yeah that’s the whole story!… …. I obviously kid dear readers, more to the point putting a chicken on fire in Skyrim can alter how NPC’s feel about you, along with your other deeds or…misdeeds. Todd Howard stated in an interview that you can have followers in Skyrim. Depending […]