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Solo Remix arrives on Android.

The World Ends With You arrives for Android

by Charlie Grammeron June 26, 2014
Square’s popular action role-playing game, The World Ends with You, had been released on iPhone and iPad back in August of last year as The World Ends with You: Solo Remix. Today it has been revealed that this mobile ve...

What if the Nintendo DS have never come out?

by Rachael Wardon September 23, 2013
Its hard to imagine what hand held gaming would have evolved differently if this one little device had never been released. Would developers have continued to develop the interactive touch screen as a much as they have now? ...
The World Ends With You Logo

The World Ends With You: Solo Remix Launches on iOS

by Josh Boykinon August 27, 2012
Those of you watching the countdown on Square Enix’s website have likely heard that a re-release of the popular DS JRPG The World Ends with You has made its way to iOS. Now called The World Ends With You:...


The World Ends With You Coming to iOS

by Adam Larckon August 24, 2012
A leaked Japanese eShop listing by Square Enix may have revealed what the World Ends with You countdown is. According to the listing found with a soundtrack, the game will be coming to iOS later this year. Unfortunately, the listing has ...

Square Enix Teasing New Title

by Adam Larckon August 20, 2012
A new teaser site by Square Enix looks to be teasing towards something to do with The World Ends With You. The site has music from the game, as well as a background silhouette of Shibuya. We should know more in about a week, whether it’s a new gam...


V-Jump Reveals More Kingdom Hearts: 3DS Details

by Andrew Kenton December 15, 2011
It’s about time that the Kingdom Hearts news started picking up again, I’ll finally stop shaking all the time…for awhile dear readers for awhile. Anyways! Kingdom Hearts addiction aside, there is news...

Neku’s Appearance in KH 3D Means Something is Up

by Andrew Kenton September 21, 2011
In an interview Famitsu conducted with Tetsuya Nomura, Nomura claimed that Neku’s appearance in Kingdom Hearts 3D means that there is something in store for him in the future. Famitsu asked directly a...