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GDC 2017 Preview | Desolus

by Josh Boykinon February 28, 2017
A game where you manipulate a miniature black hole sounds like a title bathed in combat and explosions. Desolus, however, is far from that: you use the black hole to manipulate energy between dimensions, opening gates to new stages. Moving between light and dark dimensions, each puzzle takes you through a world that feels both familiar […]

GDC 2017 Preview | Invert (iOS, Android)

by Josh Boykinon February 28, 2017
The Game Developers Conference in San Francisco provides industry members the chance to learn from one another and play upcoming games. At The MIX (Media Indie Exchange) event last night I got my hands on a few indie titles I hadn’t heard of before, including a new mobile puzzle game I stayed hooked to for […]