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Review | Battleblock Theater

by Adam Larckon April 11, 2013
After being shown off at PAX for almost five years, The Behemoth’s next title, Battleblock Theater, is finally here. The platformer definitely shows the charm that previous Behemoth titles have had, and also houses a solid gameplay experience beneath that charm. The game is broken down into three different modes: the single-player/co-op story, competitive mode […]

Castle Crashers on Steam Sept. 26

by Adam Larckon September 21, 2012
The Steam version of Castle Crashers is almost here. The Behemoth announced that the game will be on Steam for PC and Mac on Sept. 26. It will support gamepads, Steam Cloud and online multiplayer.

Castle Crashers Coming to Steam

by Adam Larckon August 17, 2012
Castle Crashers is making its way to Steam. The announcement was made via The Behemoth’s blog. “This is our first time at the event, and we’re sending our very own John Baez to the show all by himself!” The Behemoth said. The game is playable currently at Gamescom, and will be playable at PAX in […]

Battleblock Theater Featuring 200 Playable Characters

by Adam Larckon August 6, 2012
The Behemoth has released some new information today regarding Battleblock Theater. The game will feature 200 playable characters and more than 200 levels to play through, as well as 10 “weapontools” to use.” While a release date hasn’t been announced yet, you can watch Dan Paladain work on some of the artwork for the game […]