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Nvidia Shield launching in June

by Adam Larckon May 14, 2013
The Nvidia Shield has been given a launch month. The handheld is set to release in June for $350. The device, which is powered by the Tegra 4, will start accepting pre-orders on May 20 through New Egg, GameStop, Micro Center and Canada Computers. The Shield will run Android 4.2.1, will have 16GB of internal […]

New Project SHIELD Trailer Shows Real Boxing in Action

by Ramon Arandaon February 10, 2013
NVIDIA has just released a new trailer of their Project SHIELD Android-based handheld, which showcases Real Boxing. The handheld runs off Tegra 4 and is poised to bring Android gaming to a new level. In the trailer above, you get to see how well Real Boxing runs on the handheld, with impressive lighting, improved physics […]

NVIDIA Announces the Tegra 4, Meet the Worlds Most Powerful Mobile Processor

by Brett Dayon January 7, 2013
NVIDIA has been a shining light in the world of Android based tablets, and ever since they released the Tegra 2 chip they have been pushing the boundaries of mobile gaming. Today, NVIDIA announced that the Tegra 4 chip will be hitting devices and that it will be the world’s most powerful mobile processor. So, […]