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GotGame Radio for Tuesday 2.26.13

by Steve Masterson February 26, 2013
In this Episode of GotGame Radio, Steve talks about some new releases that you might want to check out.  

Perfect Link and More Features Announced for Pokemon Conquest

by Drew Robbinson May 30, 2012
The subset of people that play and enjoy video games happen to be the same subset of people that love to complain. In the case of Pokemon, the complaint has always been that every game falls along the same lines as the ones that came before it. Pokemon Conquest, a title developed by Tecmo Koei […]

Conquest Through New Lands in Pokemon Conquest

by Josh Boykinon April 4, 2012
Are you a Pokémaniac? Quested through the lands in Pokémon Black and White already, or perhaps you’ve taken a romp through the wonders beyond in Poképark 2? Well, DS owners, you’ve got another title to test your Pokémettle coming down the pipe: Pokémon Conquest. Tecmo Koei is putting this turn-based strategy title together, placing you […]