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Apple embraces VR with HTC Vive

by Charlie Grammeron June 5, 2017
During the Worldwide Developers Conference 2017, Apple was excited to announce that they are embracing Virtual Reality, showcasing their commitment with the HTC Vive. Through the newly announced external GPU, developers and content creators can utilize a beta of SteamVR and High Sierra, the new Mac Operating System, in order to access the creative power […]

Xhai Studios adopts Blockchain technology

by Charlie Grammeron March 13, 2017
Xhai Studios, a mobile game developer and publisher, has recently announced that they will be utilizing a new, promising blockchain technology to be incorporated into the platform services that they are developing. Blockchain technology, for those unaware, is a cost-efficient technology that serves the financial industry well while also able to be a transformative technology […]

Project Ariana wins several awards during CES

by Charlie Grammeron January 9, 2017
During this year’s CES, Razer’s Project Ariana gaming projector managed to snag several awards, including the “Best Gaming” honor and distinction as Engadget’s “People’s Choice”. It was also nominated for the “Best Home Theater Product” and “Best Disruption Tech” awards. For those unaware, Project Ariana takes environmental information from within a video game and projects […]

Pco Technology unveils Pico Neo CV

by Charlie Grammeron January 6, 2017
Pico Technology has recently unveiled the latest iteration of their all-in-one fully untethered and lightweight headset, the Pico Neo CV. This VR headset, which is set to release in 2017, marks their first consumer-ready VR headset, and is being shown of at CES 2017, along with the entire VR hardware lineup. Those interested that are […]

CORSAIR announces K95 RGB Platinum keyboard

by Charlie Grammeron January 5, 2017
CORSAIR was excited to announce the K95 RGB Platinum keyboard, which combines a trademark CORSAIR anodized aluminum frame with the latest in premium keyboard technologies. These keyboards are built to last, thanks to the aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame, and, as with all of their mechanical keyboards, utilizes onlyCherry MX key switches. In addition, it […]

Gaming With Killatia Bengoo Gaming Mouse Review

by killatiaon December 15, 2016
What if I told you that you can find a gaming mouse for $10 that can compete against a $50 mouse? I know crazy right? But this Beegoo Gaming Mouse can most certainly get the job done. So whats the catch with this $10 gaming mouse then? Watch to find out. Youtube Channel: Twitch: […]


by Charlie Grammeron October 2, 2016
  CORSAIR has recently unleashed its new DOMINATOR PLATINUM Special Edition DDR4 memory, adding a new level of refinement and distinction to the long-standing CORSAIR DOMINATOR PLATINUM legacy with two new styles; Mirror finished Chrome and brushed aluminum Blackout. It has been crafted in limited quantities of 500 kits,each of 32GB (4x8GB or 2x16GB) 3,200MHz […]

CORSAIR unleashes CORSAIR Carbide Air 740

by Charlie Grammeron September 5, 2016
CORSAIR has recently unleashed the new CORSAIR Carbide Air 740, which is an evolution of the best-selling CORSAIR Carbide Air 540 that features dual-chamber Direct Airflow Path design, exceptional cooling, a unique and bold design, and tinted, fully removable side windowed panel. The CORSAIR Carbide Air 740 takes advantage of the dual-chamber design of its […]

CORSAIR unveils Neutron Series XTi SSDs

by Charlie Grammeron June 8, 2016
CORSAIR was excited to announce the launch of its latest range of solid state drives, known as the Neutron Series XTi. These drives feature quad-core Phison controller and performance MLC NAND, offering transfer speeds of up to 560MB per second, 540MB per second sequential write, 4KB random read of up to 100K IOPS and 4K […]

Pico Neo headset to debut at E3 2016

by Charlie Grammeron May 19, 2016
Pico Interactive, Inc. were excited to state that their stand-alone virtual reality headset, the Pico Neo, will be debuting in North America at this year’s E3. Those interested can check out Booth #2800 in the South Hall, where they will be showing off the headset and its suite of gaming and entertainment apps. The system takes […]

Corsair unleashes the Carbide Series SPEC-ALPHA mid-tower gaming case

by Charlie Grammeron April 8, 2016
Corsair was pleased today to announce the immediate availability of their Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-ALPHA mid-tower gaming case. This features a large side panel window and bold angular styling in black/grey, red/white, or black/red to help compliment its efficient cooling. “With its modern, angular appearance,” Corsair stated, “the SPEC-ALPHA really stands out in a crowd.” […]