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Review | Super Mario Odyssey

by David Pooleon November 6, 2017
The Nintendo Switch has been a big success for Nintendo. Less than a year old, the system has put out several hits within a short period of time. One of those hits was The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which we considered a true masterpiece. It seems Nintendo found a winning formula with […]

E3 2017 Preview | Super Mario Odyssey

by David Pooleon June 21, 2017
Nintendo is always a fun place to check out during E3, whether it be to see their fantastic displays, or to see the awesome games they have to showcase. Last year, they went all in with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but this year, they had a bit of a different strategy. […]

Review | Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

by David Pooleon November 30, 2015
Nintendo typically has a large list of first-party releases to fill up their holiday season, and although Star Fox Zero was delayed to next April, that didn’t stop another title from taking its place. Cue Camelot’s Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, the third home console release in this classic franchise. Earlier this year, we previewed the […]

Waluigi, Boo and Daisy take the court in a new Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash trailer

by David Pooleon October 20, 2015
Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash is releasing November 20th, taking the spot that once belonged to the now delayed Star Fox Zero, and Nintendo has recently released a new trailer for the game that reveals more of the roster. Waluigi returns to his claim to fame,  having been introduced in the original Mario Tennis for the […]

E3 2015 Predictions: Nintendo

by David Pooleon May 28, 2015
E3 is almost upon us and news is slowly starting to surface before the big show. We at GotGame have some pretty good ideas of what might be announced so far, but we’re going to make a few more based on the big three console makers, starting with the house of Mario, Nintendo. Nintendo is […]

Gaming with Killatia Super Smash Bros Melee

by killatiaon May 26, 2014
Today on Gaming With KIllatia we take a look at Super Smash Brothers Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube. Its the second and the most popular entry into the smash Brothers franchise that started back in 1999. How great is it? Watch to find out! Facebook: Twitter:

The Importance of Music in Video Games

by Mihai Cosmin Naeon May 25, 2014
Last week during a conversation I was having with a friend about the video game industry, an interesting topic came up: Why don´t gamers talk so much about soundtracks? Usually, when two people are talking about a video game, there are always the same three main topics of their conversation: the graphics, the storyline and […]

Review | Super Mario 3D World

by Ryan Bateson November 19, 2013
Mario again? Isn’t he done to death? Not by a long shot. Alongside the launch of the Wii U, the first Mario game found its way onto the Wii U in the form of New Super Mario Bros. U. And it was fun. It was the standard hop-n-bop plus adding in the new motion elements, […]

E3 2013: Super Mario 3D World Interview

by Steve Masterson June 14, 2013
We get a walkthrough of Mario’s latest 3D game for the Wii U. Mario sports a brand new cat suit.

Super Mario Beads 3

by ubernauton December 5, 2012
He’s back and this time he’s got a kart. A beaded Mario in yet another epic suburban stop motion adventure. Made by: Marcus and Hannes Knutsson Don’t forget to check out Bakom Beads / Behind The Beads, our behind the scenes featurette: Like on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: Website: A big […]

Your Daily Pick Me Up 5/30 Angry Birds School

by Andrew Kenton May 30, 2012
The Summer solstice isn’t until June 20th but a lot of kids are either out of school or going to be fairly quickly now. If you’re a parent then you are most likely dreading this…or not. Most of you are dreading this or already regretting not sending your kids to Summer camp or school though, […]