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Super Mario Maker Wii U Review

by hard4gameson February 11, 2016
Have you ever wanted to play 1 million Mario games in one? Hard 4 Games rocks Mario Maker for the Wii U! We review the editor, the course world, and answer the age-old question: Does Mario Maker pass the Bechdel test? Facebook: Patreon: Twitter: Instagram: We want YOU to play our levels! […]

GGR 1127 – Super Mario Maker & NBA 2K16

by Steve Masterson September 25, 2015
Listen up video gamers… it’s Steve Masters with GotGame! Create your own courses in Mario sounds complicated… right? It’s actually quite simple. Use the Wii U gamepad to select items to place on the course. Drag and drop… add as much as you like! Then, play through you’re corse and see if you like it! I’m […]

Super Mario Maker Stage Coming To Super Smash Brothers Wii U & 3DS Sept. 30th!

by killatiaon September 14, 2015
Yes the latest craze on the Nintendo Wii U, Super Mario Maker, will be getting its own special stage in Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and 3DS. Just like in Mario Maker the stage will be designed differently each time you selected thanks to the hand. It will also fixed up and broken boxed […]

Review | Super Mario Maker

by Adam Larckon September 5, 2015
Super Mario Maker definitely isn’t the next mainstream Mario title, like New Super Mario Bros. Wii U or Super Mario World 3D. What it is, though, is a bunch of one-off Mario levels with infinite possibilities, depending on what gamers will come up with to create. We’ve all had the thought before of making a […]

GGR 1101 – Super Mario Maker & Hellblade

by Steve Masterson August 26, 2015
What’s up video gamers? It’s Steve Masters with GotGame! One of the biggest game changers in video gaming is on the way literally… Super Mario Maker is all about you creating your own courses! All the elements are there… simply use your stylus and the Wii U game pad to drag and drop things on […]

Best Buy offering 7-button set for Nintendo pre-orders

by David Pooleon August 12, 2015
Nintendo quietly revealed that fans who pre-order at least two select Nintendo 3DS or Wii U titles from Best Buy will receive a set of Super Mario Maker themed buttons. These buttons were the ones handed out at E3 2015 upon playing certain games, minus a couple others (notably the Super Mario 30th anniversary button […]