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Sling TV for Xbox One Users

by Mihai Cosmin Naeon January 6, 2015
A new TV app is ready to be launched on Xbox One for the NA subscribers. We are talking about Sling TV, which will deliver  “live sports, lifestyle, family, news and information channels”. It will also feature Video-On-Demand (VOD) service and “the best of Internet video” for $20 per month. And if you are not convinced if the service […]

PlayStation Now Subscriptions “Coming Soon”

by Dragos Dobreon November 13, 2014
Director of Marketing Peter Jamshidi revealed on the official PlayStation Blog that a subscription-based model will be coming to PlayStation Now, making the service even more interesting. “Yes, A subscription plan is being worked on, and I’m very excited about it. We see it adding a complimentary option to rentals as a way to enjoy immediate […]

Xbox Music Ends To Be a Free Service Soon

by Mihai Cosmin Naeon October 24, 2014
Microsoft has announced that their Xbox Music streaming will end to be a free service at the end of this year, meaning that the service will soon only be available for paying subscribers. The change is set to end on December 1st, when users will need to pay a $9.99 a month subscription fee to become […]

“EA Access” Service Announced for Xbox One

by Mihai Cosmin Naeon July 30, 2014
Electronic Arts has announced EA Access, a new service created in partnership with Microsoft that offers another way for gamers to play EA released games exclusively for Xbox One. The gamer will have to pay a monthly or annual membership starting at $4.99 per month, which will grant access to the “The Vault”, a library of EA titles to […]

Microsoft introduces 24 month Xbox Live Gold subscriptions

by Dragos Dobreon March 1, 2014
Subscriptions are now a common thing for consoles, as they are required to play online and they often offer several free things every month in order to attract customers to buy them. Microsoft has just released a new 24 month option for the Xbox Live Gold subscription. The subscription card is branded with the upcoming […]

Elder Scrolls Online requires subscription

by Adam Larckon August 21, 2013
Bethesda has finally detailed the subscription plans for . The publisher told Gamestar that the game will cost $14.99 a month when it releases next year. “Going with any other model meant that we would have to make sacrifices and changes we weren’t willing to make,” Zenimax Online general manager Matt Firor said. “We’ll talk […]

New PS3 Final Fantasy XIV Screens

by John Speerbreckeron October 11, 2012
The Final Fantasy IVX reboot is on its way and now we have received proof that it is officially coming out for the PS3 and now we have some new screenshots that showcase how it is going to look on the console. These shots showcase the new interface for the upcoming game that for some of us, […]

Dragon Quest X Will Delete Your Character

by John Speerbreckeron August 6, 2012
Even though it is not yet available in the states, Dragon Quest X is officially out in Japan and thousands of people are taking their warriors online to wander through the beautiful world designed by renown artist: Akira Toriyama. For those of you who plan on investing on a substantial amount of time and money being spent […]

Xbox Music Service Will Allow Subscription Streaming

by Adam Larckon July 3, 2012
According to a story by Bloomberg, the Xbox Music service will have two models. One model will let gamers stream music for a monthly or yearly fee, as well as purchase individual music. In addition, individual songs can be purchased without the subscription as well. The service will also feature an “online locker” that may […]