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Street Fighter V Adds Kolin to Season 2

by David Pooleon February 9, 2017
Street Fighter V is approaching its one year anniversary, and having Akuma kick off the characters for Season 2 in December, it’s about time that the next character gets announced. For any that have played the story mode of Street Fighter V, the newest fighter may seem familiar, as she had a prominent role in […]

Street Fighter V receives major update

by Charlie Grammeron July 1, 2016
Capcom has released a major new update for Street Fighter V, including the highly-anticipated cinematic story mode, “A Shadow Falls,” and two characters joining the roster, namely Ibuki and Balrog. The new mode will be free to all players, and the post-launch characters can be purchased with in-game Fight Money or real currency. “A Shadow Falls” […]

Street Fighter V will soon add Ibuki to the roster!

by David Pooleon May 30, 2016
Even though fans were expecting Balrog to be the next downloadable character, Capcom pulled a surprise move and instead announced Ibuki to be the next character in line. Originally appearing in Street Fighter III: New Generation, Ibuki has gained a lot of popularity as one of the more prominent female fighters of the series. She […]

Guile arrives on Street Fighter V

by Charlie Grammeron April 28, 2016
One of the most iconic and popular Street Fighter characters has been missing from Street Fighter V… until today. This character, none other than the powerful Guile, has returned to battle on PlayStation 4 and PC, bringing his own Character Story and set of Trials with him. Check him out in action in the new trailer: In addition […]

Alex arrives in Street Fighter V

by Charlie Grammeron March 30, 2016
Capcom has released the first post launch character for Street Fighter V. This character is the fan favorite who first appeared in Street Fighter III, Alex, as he once again hits the street as a brash grappler whose bold attitude gets him into trouble. Alex’s parents died when he was young, and so, his father’s friend raised […]

GGR 1281 – Street Fighter V & Broken Sword 5

by Steve Masterson March 24, 2016
Listen up video gamers… it’s Steve Masters with GotGame! Street Fighter five rules! There’s story modes for tons of characters, and a great tutorial to teach you the new V Skills. The PS4 gives super responsive controls, and of course you’ve gotta love Mika’s huge…kicks! Street Fighter V, the best street fighter yet! Have you tried […]

Review: Street Fighter V

by Adam Larckon February 25, 2016
When Street Fighter IV released, we got a retool of the fighting system and a complete new graphic style.   The mechanics change shook up the fight scene for years, and still is the cornerstone of fighting tournaments. Now, Street Fighter V is here, complete with revamped mechanics as well. However, it’s everything that was […]

GGR 1249 – Bayonetta 2 & Street Fighter V

by Steve Masterson February 16, 2016
What’s up video gamers? Steve Masters with GotGame! It’s tuesday… that means new games out today. One of highest rated Wii U games Bayonetta 2 is out today… the visuals, and game play is like no other…  Bayonetta 2 out today on disc for Wii U… And my top pick today… Street Fighter V! We’ve been […]

Capcom shares Street Fighter V story details

by Charlie Grammeron January 25, 2016
Capcom was excited today to share new details about the story elements for their upcoming fighter, Street Fighter V, which releases on February 16. Once it launches, players will be able to play through individual stories that share background information on each, explain their roles in the game, and each character’s relationships with the other fighters. […]

GGR 1228 – Street Fighter V & Uncharted 4

by Steve Masterson January 21, 2016
  Listen up video gamers… it’s Steve Masters with GotGame! One of the most anticipated fighting games of 2016 hits next month… Street Fighter 5! V skill has replaced focus attacks… and there’s V Trigger, and V reversal that give new options for Street Fighter fans. So we know about the brand new character Necalli, but […]

The Cosplay of PlayStation Experience!

by David Pooleon December 13, 2015
About a week ago, Sony held a special event in San Francisco, their second annual PlayStation Experience, or PSX for short. This was a public event and had tons of developers and games for fans to check out. Of course, this also means that there are plenty of fans that come in full cosplay. This […]