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Rare Secret of Mana 2 (Seiken Densetsu 3) Japanese Demo Cart

by hard4gameson May 21, 2015
H4G demos a Japanese pre-release cartridge of Secret of Mana 2/Seiken Densetsu 3! For those of you unfamiliar, Secret of Mana is the multiplayer love child of Zelda and Final Fantasy! Secret of Mana 2 (Seiken Densetsu 3 / 聖剣伝説3) takes everything one step further by offering multiple protagonist options with intertwining paths, a bump […]

Gamebusters myth 16: Final Fantasy was going to be Square’s final game

by Charlie Grammeron March 3, 2014
Welcome to another entry in the Gamebusters series, where I track down gaming myths and try to discover the truth of them. Before we begin this myth, I want to apologize to any who clicked the original and was taken to a blank page. It seems I experienced some technical difficulties, which caused the post […]

Square Enix reveals Tomb Raider outfit for Lightning Returns

by Charlie Grammeron February 5, 2014
Today Square Enix has posted a video revealing a bit of day one DLC for the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns. Most gamers tend to dislike day one DLC, and this is sure to be no exception, but it does seem interesting nonetheless. For those wondering what, exactly, it is, it will be a […]

Murdered: Soul Suspect confirmed for Xbox One

by Charlie Grammeron February 3, 2014
Today Airtight Games has confirmed that their upcoming detective game, Murdered: Soul Suspect will be available on a next-generation console, specifically Microsoft’s Xbox One. This news means that the game will be available on a total of four consoles that we know of so far. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and One, PC, and Sony’s PlayStation 3. […]

Square releases 16-bit story recap of Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2

by Charlie Grammeron January 29, 2014
Today Square has released a story recap of the first two Final Fantasy XIII games in order to prepare gamers for the third entry in the story, Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns, which releases on February 11, 2014. As you can see above, this recap isn’t just a bland telling of the stories of the […]

New ‘Final Fantasy IX’ sidequest was discovered 13 years after release

by Charlie Grammeron June 2, 2013
As posted on NeoGAF, a sidequest has been discovered in Final Fantasy IX 13 years after its initial release. While it’s nothing new for easter eggs and hidden areas to be discovered several years after a game’s release, it isn’t often that an entire quest flies under the radar for so long. If you still […]

Legacy of Kain possibly making return

by Adam Larckon May 28, 2013
The Legacy of Kain series may be coming back. User Corlagon on the Eidos forum found references to “Nosgoth” and “War for Nosgoth” in the latest patch to the AMD Crossfire program. For those that don’t know, Nosgoth is the realm where the series takes place. In addition, the above image was found in the […]

Rumor: Final Fantasy VS XIII is Final Fantasy 15 And Exclusive To PS4

by Justin Weinblatton March 20, 2013
Take this one with a grain of salt but is reporting two interesting rumors about the long delayed title Final Fantasy Versus XIII.  Firstly, they claim that Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been retooled into Final Fantasy 15.  This makes a bit of sense seeing as how Final Fantasy Versus XIII seemingly has little […]

New PS3 Final Fantasy XIV Screens

by John Speerbreckeron October 11, 2012
The Final Fantasy IVX reboot is on its way and now we have received proof that it is officially coming out for the PS3 and now we have some new screenshots that showcase how it is going to look on the console. These shots showcase the new interface for the upcoming game that for some of us, […]

Final Fantasy V Hits the PSN (in North America)

by Pierre Bienaiméon November 22, 2011
Another one from the vault: Final Fantasy V is now available for North American PSN users! Originally released for the SNES (1992) before being ported to the PlayStation and Game Boy Advance, this iteration admittedly didn’t capture the hearts of millions as Final Fantasy VII would. Don’t worry, it’s still got Chocobos and composition by […]