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Bananasaurus_Rex breaks the Spelunky high score

by Charlie Grammeron February 22, 2014
  Bananasaurus_Rex, a man who’s been constantly playing the game Spelunky, has decided to go for the high score in the game. He streamed the game for ten hours during his latest attempt at breaking the record. In the end, his plans were successful as he hit over $3 million in the score, which was […]

Spelunky receives a new mod

by Charlie Grammeron February 19, 2014
If you’re a gamer who’s been eagerly awaiting a brand new Metroid game, but have been disappointed so far, we have some news that may make you feel a bit better. A mod maker by the name of Joey4track has recently created a Metroid mod for the game Spelunky. Unfortunately this mod has not been […]

Gamer releases mod for Spelunky HD to recreate the same levels

by Charlie Grammeron January 21, 2014
Though admittedly a large part Spelunky’s appeal are the procedurally generated levels, some gamers desire to replay the same levels. There was already a mod available for the classic Spelunky, but today a gamer has released a mod for Spelunky HD. The creator posted this mod over at MossMouth forums, and stated, “Simply run the […]

“The 12 Deals of Christmas” deal #2 features Diablo 3 and Spelunky

by Dragos Dobreon December 3, 2013
The second day of Sony’s 12 Deals of Christmas promotion has started and it’s revealing some new and interesting games. So gamers will be able to buy both Diablo 3 (PS3) and Spelunky (PS Vita) at reduced prices. The deal will go live today, Tuesday 3rd December, and will last for only 48 hours. Here […]

Review | Spelunky

by Adam Larckon October 4, 2013
Spelunky is finally portable. See how the latest port plays inside.

Sony announces the lineup for the PlayStation Vita Summer Select event

by Ramon Arandaon August 19, 2013
Sony today has revealed its lineup for the PS Vita Summer Select event, which will highlight upcoming digital titles that will be offered in special deals for PlayStation Plus members. PS Vita Summer Select will feature four indie games launching over the next four weeks, which includes Divekick, Spelunky, KickBeat and Dragon Fantasy: Book II. Additionally, […]

Spelunky coming to Windows PC Aug. 8

by Tyler Colpon July 9, 2013
The Xbox Live Arcade version of punishing platformer Spelunky is coming to Windows PC Aug. 8 on Steam and Good Old Games, developer Mossmouth announced Monday. Mossmouth is developing the PC port, while the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita ports are being developed by Blit Game Studios. Spelunky originally debuted on PC as a freeware […]

Spelunky coming to PC this summer on Steam, GoG, and Humble Store

by Tyler Colpon June 5, 2013
Rogue-like platformer Spelunky began as a free game released on PC, and now the Xbox Live Arcade version of the game is coming back to its roots. Spelunky will be available on Steam, Good Old Games, and the Humble Store this summer for an unannounced price. Spelunky launched on XBLA in 2012 for $15 (1200 […]

Spelunky Heads to PS3, Vita

by Adam Larckon March 26, 2013
Spelunky will soon not be a 360 exclusive. Sony announced that the title is coming to PS3 and Vita this summer with “new exclusive features.” It’s unknown what these features will be. The game will be developed by an external studio outside of Mossmouth.

Spelunky Surprises with NEW Character & Arena DLC Today

by Sean Garmeron February 20, 2013
The evil platforming title that is Spelunky, (sorry it’s just I died so much playing that game that I figured it must curse you after playing it for a long time) surprised everyone with new DLC today for the HD remake released on Xbox Live. According to Stick Skills, The explorers DLC adds a total […]

Review | Spelunky

by Sean Garmeron July 17, 2012
There are few games out in the gaming world like Spelunky. A game who´s mere existence seems to be to frustrate the player into either throwing the controller down in disgust or saying “oh man, I was so close just one more time and I should get the hang of it.” Regardless of how someone […]