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Zombie Army Trilogy – 7 Reasons to Upgrade

by Mihai Cosmin Naeon February 20, 2015
Rebellion Developments has released a new trailer for the upcoming Zombie Army Trilogy, giving us 7 Reasons to Upgrade to the Xbox One’s, PlayStation 4’s and PC’s versions of the game. Zombie Army Trilogy brings Sniper Elite V2’s first two Zombie Army expansions to the latest consoles, along with a bunch of new and improved stuff. Here […]

What Sniper Elite has that other games don’t

by Tyler Colpon July 8, 2014
I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. Few of them have been as regrettable as not playing a Sniper Elite game before last weekend. I’m not sure why or how I skipped out on Rebellion’s series of games about shooting Nazis and Soviet enemies–from far away of course–with a high-powered rifle. And, as […]

Let’s Play Sniper Elite V2 with Tanthias: Mission 1

by Charlie Grammeron June 26, 2014
Welcome back to the LP of Sniper Elite V2 on the hardest (available) difficulty setting. For those unaware, this is a completely blind run, so I’ll likely be dying quite often, but surely it’ll be enough to entertain you if you like seeing a gamer suffer! I’ll be updating this post once I manage to […]

Let’s Play Sniper Elite V2 with Tanthias (Silent and Commentary) part 1: Prologue

by Charlie Grammeron June 11, 2014
I’ve decided to get back into doing LPs of games, and wanted to share with my faithful readers here. This time around I’ll be playing Sniper Elite V2 on the hardest difficulty (assuming a harder one does not unlock after beating the game). It should be noted that this is a completely blind run, so […]

Sniper Elite V2 is currently free on Steam

by Charlie Grammeron June 5, 2014
Rebellion has kicked off a 24 hour promotion with Sniper Elite V2, allowing gamers to pick it up free of charge until 10 a.m. PST today. Rebellion’s Co-founder and Creative Director, Jason Kingsley, stated, “V2‘s one of Rebellion’s most successful ever games, but it’s been out for over two years now. We think the loyal […]