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The Order 1886 – Launch Trailer

by Mihai Cosmin Naeon February 20, 2015
Ready at Dawn and Santa Monica Studio has released the launch trailer for The Order: 1886, as a reminder for PlayStation 4’s exclusive third-person shooter video game that is being launched today worldwide. In an alternate victorian London, you will be playing as Galahad, one of the knights of the eponymous Order. You will have to trudge […]

Sony Santa Monica’s Canceled New IP Was Sci-fi, Really Unique, Set to Be Unveiled at E3

by Robert Craciunon February 27, 2014
  NeoGAF user Shinobi602, who is known to have very solid contacts across the gaming industry, shed some light on a Santa Monica’s new IP that got canceled, a project which was led by God of War III creator, Jonathan Hawkins. Sad to hear Santa Monica’s new IP is canned. It sounded pretty darn good from what […]

E3 2012: God of War: Ascension In-Depth Gameplay Walkthrough with Jason De Heras

by Steve Masterson June 13, 2012
  SCEA Santa Monica’s Jason De Heras sits down with GotGame to show off the E3 2012 demo of God of War: Ascension, while giving a more in-depth look at the new implemented features and what Kratos is going to be able to do this time around.

God of War Franchise Sells Millions

by John Speerbreckeron June 6, 2012
So if you haven’t heard of this series yet, its time to get past that parol board that seems to be keeping you in your own personal prison. As of May 30th, the God of War Franchise has officially topped 21 million units sold world wide. So, if you do the very rough math, that officially that their sales […]

New God of War: Ascension Info; 3D, Story, Ares, More

by Lukas Jaroon May 4, 2012
When the next God of War title was recently after tons of rumours finally announced, many gamers were rightfully surprised. People were simply expecting something else – God of War IV. Many even argued that it would be impossible for Kratos to return after all he’s been through. It simply didn’t make much sense as […]

Job Post Suggesting new Sony Game?

by Andrew Kenton October 31, 2011
A job posting for a “Senior Staff Concept Artist” has popped up on recently. The project that the prospect will be working on: God of War. (if you hadn’t already guessed that). So the cat’s out of the bag, this isn’t simply a rumor. This is instead a fact ladies and gentleman. But what […]