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Review | Portal Knights (PS4)

by Charlie Grammeron June 6, 2017
Keen Games has decided to unleash Portal Knights on several platforms recently, including both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. How will this title hold up? Story The story is rather simple. Within the universe of Portal Knights, an event known as the Fracture has split the world into a grand total of 47 different regions. […]

Black Friday: Blood Money

by Maggie Wilandon November 25, 2016
“Black Friday: Blood Money” is a sandbox open world RPG, where you play as Steven Lamb. Steven’s life hasn’t been going too great lately, especially since his wife has asked for a separation and took his beloved 6 year old daughter, Emilie, with her. When Steven discovers she’s seeing another man, he feels desperate to […]

NoLimits 2: Roller Coaster Simulator receives Oculus Rift support

by Charlie Grammeron November 26, 2014
Today the team behind NoLimits 2: Roller Coaster Simulator revealed that the game now has full support for Oculus Rift. This allows virtual reality fans to enjoy the most realistic roller coaster simulator software in The Rift. Fans can utilize the software to create the rides of their dreams, thanks to the built-in sandbox editor. […]

Starlite Astronaut Academy Alpha testing blasts off

by Charlie Grammeron November 18, 2014
Today the developers behind the upcoming title Starlite Astronaut Academy revealed that the title will begin closed Alpha testing soon. It will present a version of life on Mars and throughout the solar system. These presentations are based on NASA designs and plans for the future. If you’re interested in this, you can sign up […]

I’m In A Rock & Roll Band

by Maggie Wilandon November 10, 2013
I was a tad late to the whole “music games” genre, and was only introduced to it at Guitar Hero 2 on the PS2 because a friend happened to own it and loaded it up one morning after I’d spent the night. Immediately I got into it and since then have played Guitar Hero 2 […]

Saints Row 4 track list revealed, includes 109 songs

by Dragos Dobreon August 6, 2013
Saints Row IV is on the edge of being launched and the past few days have been very rich of news regarding the new madness-driven sandbox game. Deep Silver and Volition have confirmed today that Saints Row IV will include 109 songs across seven in-game radio stations. Saints Row IV will be releasing on 23 […]

Review | SimCity (2013)

by JP Curzion April 1, 2013
This game is the biggest disappointment since Diablo 3. Hopefully unlike Diablo 3, this doesn’t eventually turn out to be a PS3 port that PC users get to beta test. My biggest complaint about Simcity is the DRM setup which forces players to log on (and stay logged on) to Origin any time they want […]

Colossal Mayhem, Excessive Force DLC Packs Bring Further Destruction to Prototype 2

by Drew Robbinson May 8, 2012
Prototype 2 is a rare game about which I can say that there is little room for added violence; already, the title allows players to enact heinous levels of chaos within the city formerly known as New York City. Today, Radical Entertainment has bolstered the level of brutality available to players with the release of […]