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Resident Evil Fright Club Los Angeles Recap

by Jeffrey Harrison January 21, 2015
Last week, Capcom took its Resident Evil Fright Club to Los Angeles, in the heart of Hollywood, at the Dirty Laundry nightclub and bar. The location seems rather appropriate for the subject matter of the video games. The dilapidated looking Dirty Laundry resembles some rooms and locations that would fit right at home in the […]

Resident Evil HD now available for download

by Charlie Grammeron January 21, 2015
Survival Horror fans rejoice, for it is now time for you to return to the classic mansion that started a group of STARS members down the path to fighting Umbrella and other bioweapons creators. That’s right, we’re speaking of the definitive version of the critically acclaimed Resident Evil. This is now available for digital download […]

What Will We Play in January 2015

by Mihai Cosmin Naeon January 3, 2015
Every time a new year begins we have a tendency to reset all things around us, to get a fresh start and to promise all kind of things that may or may not be accomplished. For the video games industry, the promises may refer to: developing and publishing new IPs, releasing games when they are […]

Capcom details New York Comic Con plans

by Charlie Grammeron October 8, 2014
Over the weekend, Capcom will be attending the New York Comic Con (booth #1604). They will be bringing along plenty of demos for attendees to check out, including the first chance for North American fans to check out Resident Evil Revelations 2. In addition to Resident Evil, Capcom will feature new demos for both their […]

Resident Evil HD Interview Yoshiaki Hirabayashi

by Charlie Grammeron October 3, 2014
Charlie – Many gamers are looking forward to the upcoming HD version of Resident Evil, but some are curious: Why did Capcom decide to release this version? Yoshiaki Hirabayashi – Resident Evil represents the origin point for Survival Horror kicking off as a genre. And, within this series, the GameCube remake stands as a real masterpiece – […]

Capcom shows off Resident Evil HD Remake trailer

by Charlie Grammeron September 1, 2014
Today during the Sony event in Japan, Capcom showed off the first trailer of the upcoming “definitive” version of the much loved and critically acclaimed Resident Evil. As you can see above, the game features enhanced graphics and the classic survival horror gameplay that the first game is well known for. It is slated to release on […]