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Review | Life Is Strange Episode 1: Chrysalis

by Tyler Colpon February 4, 2015
If there’s a genre that consistently and courageously explores the relationship between you and the character you play as, it’s adventure games. It’s a genre built on aligning the player and the character into one perceptive...

Remember Me developer announces new game Life is Strange

by Dragos Dobreon August 11, 2014
Dontnod Entertainment, studio known for Remember Me, announced a brand new game today under the name of “Life is Strange”. Available only digitally, Life is Strange will be an episodic ga...

Respawn Point | Week Ending 5.5.13

by Ryan Bateson May 5, 2013
We took a quick break last week but today Respawn Point has… well… respawned! So much news this week it’s understandable that some of it got missed. We’re here to clean up the mess like your favorite bartender after drunk...


Enemies Trailer Released for Remember Me

by Adam Larckon April 4, 2013
The latest trailer has been released for Capcom’s upcoming title, Remember Me. The trailer shows off some of the enemies that Nilin will hunt down through the game. Along with breaking down the enemies, combat can be seen spr...
Lost Planet 3 Screenshot 1 (2)

Capcom Reveals its PAX East Lineup

by Ramon Arandaon March 21, 2013
Capcom has today revealed which titles will be playable at PAX East this weekend in Boston. Games include already released titles, as well as some unreleased games.  The lineup will feature Capcom Arcade Cabinet, Darkstalkers Resurrection, Mon...

CQC Capcom Preview

Community Question Circle: Capcom Preview Bonanza – Darkstalker Resurrection, Remember Me, and More!

by unlimitedliveson February 10, 2013
Yo GotGame readers! We’ve got another exciting event that we’ll be attending this Tuesday, Feb ...

New ‘Remember Me’ Trailer Released Via Facebook

by Ryan Bateson January 12, 2013
Capcom gave some of its Facebook fans a belated Christmas gift via their social media account for Remember Me very early Saturday morning, which includes new footage, gameplay, and new characters, as...

Capcom Wants Your Real Life Memories for ‘Remember Me’

by Brett Dayon October 27, 2012
Capcom’s ‘Remember Me‘ will be released in May 2013, but Capcom is doing everything it can to increase excitement around their new IP. Capcom has announced that they w...