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Play Pokemon Red with thousands controlling the same character

by Adrian Marius Tomaon February 21, 2014
  Twitch Plays Pokemon looks like an average Twitch game stream at first. In fact, it is a game in itself, as viewers are able to control the hero of Pokemon Red by inputting commands in the streaming platform’s chat window. As of this writing, the stream is nearing seventy thousand viewers, many of which […]

Top X List | Return to the GotGame Multiplex

by Ryan Bateson July 16, 2013
It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year again – the temperature has reached 800,000 degrees (700,000 degrees Celsius) and the dry versus sticky heat rages like political fire. The only solace for some is an air-conditioned theater and a small Coke the size of a kindergarten student. That’s right, it’s summer blockbuster season once again, […]