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Quest of Dungeons goes live on Xbox One

by Charlie Grammeron September 4, 2015
Today Upfall Studios unleashed their popular turn-based dungeon crawler featuring an old-school feel, Quest of Dungeons, on Xbox One. Quest of Dungeons has today been equipped with several new Xbox One-specific additions, and allows you to take on the role of a Warrior, Wizard, Assassin, or Shaman as you adventure through creature-filled rooms and passages. […]

Preview | Hands-On with SmuggleCraft

by Josh Boykinon May 5, 2015
EDIT: Originally the story said there is no crafting in SmuggleCraft; in fact, there will be a crafting system used to create new ship parts used to customize the hovercraft. Also, Ben Triola was noted as a lead programmer; though he has done some programming, he actually is the gameplay designer and producer. To dispel […]