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Tretton leaving Sony Computer Entertainment

by Adam Larckon March 6, 2014
As of March 31, Jack Tretton will be leaving Sony Computer Entertainment America. Tretton is not renewing his contract with SCEA, meaning he will step down as president and CEO of the company. Taking over will be current EVP and COO of Sony Network Entertainment International, Shawn Layden. “Working at SCEA for the past 19 […]

Hiroshi Yamauchi (1927-2013)

by Ryan Bateson September 19, 2013
  Today, we mourn the passing of a man who, one could argue, brought video games into many of our lives. Hiroshi Yamauchi, the former president of Nintendo and long-standing executive advisor, passed away today from pneumonia. Yamauchi was 85. Head of the third-generation family business, Nintendo got its start as a Japanese playing card […]

Saints Row IV gets Inauguration Station

by Adam Larckon August 6, 2013
The Initiation Station from Saint’s Row: The Third is back with a new name. The Inauguration Station for Saint’s Row 4 is now out on Xbox 360 for gamers to make their own presidents for the game. The creator will be out on PC tomorrow and on PS3 Aug. 13. You can see some of […]

Square Enix America CEO leaves, joins Amazon

by Tyler Colpon May 23, 2013
Polygon first reported Square Enix America President and CEO Mike Fischer left the company to join Amazon. Fischer’s LinkedIn profile confirms his status. Fischer left the company on good terms, according to Polygon. Fischer joins Amazon as Vice President of Music and Video in Japan. Before taking over leadership at Square Enix in July 2010, […]

Square Enix President Resigns

by Rachael Wardon April 3, 2013
It would seem that the loss of sales with Square Enix’s latest games have resulted in the company deciding to change in leadership. After being Square’s president since the year 2000, is stepping down from his position which will be taken up by Yosuke Matsuada. This is supposed to be the first step in the […]

Wada Steps Down from Square Enix

by Adam Larckon March 26, 2013
Yoichi Wada is stepping down from Square Enix. Wada will leave his position as president and representative director “subject to a resolution” at the shareholder meeting in June. He will be replaced by former company director and CFO Yosuke Matsuda. The news comes the same day the company announced a major restructuring during “the rapidly […]

Jason Rubin Heads Restructuring as New President of THQ

by Drew Robbinson May 30, 2012
It would be a little bit more than an understatement to say that THQ has fallen on hard times; the publisher best known for its library of video games based on well-established cartoons and the WWE recently suffered, among many other unfortunate incidents, a net loss of $239.9 million for fiscal year 2012. It is […]