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The Pokémon Bank goes live today

by Charlie Grammeron February 5, 2014
Some gamers may recall that the Pokémon Bank was supposed to be released two days after Christmas, but was put on hold after an issue that affected all of Nintendo’s online services. Today gamers can finally download the Pokémon Bank on their Nintendo 3DS consoles via the Nintendo eShop (it should be among the first […]

In December you can purchase cloud storage for your Pokemon

by Charlie Grammeron October 4, 2013
Nintendo has announced that on December 27, they will launch a service called the Pokémon Bank. This will be a cloud-based storage system that can hold your Pokémon in a digital world until the servers go down. This service will have a 30-day free trial (providing you download the application on your 3DS by January 31, 2014), then will cost […]

Pokemon Company Offering Rare Pokemon Meloetta Starting March 4

by Ramon Arandaon February 25, 2013
Looks like the Pokemon Company is giving owners of Pokemon Black 2, Pokemon White 2 and the original Pokemon Black/White games, a chance to pick up the rare Pokemon Meloetta, beginning on March 4. Meloetta can be snatched up via any local Gamestop, which includes Canada (starting March 9 at EB Games stores).  This availability […]

Darkrai for Pokémon Black and White Now Available

by Adam Larckon May 16, 2012
A new Pokémon is being distributed in Pokémon Black and White thanks to Pokémon Company International. A level 50 Darkrai can be downloaded through the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection from now until June 10. The Pokémon knows a Dark Void attack and has the Bad Dreams ability. Other moves the creature has upon download is Nightmare […]

Pokemon Black/White 2 Release Date Outed

by Andrew Kenton April 9, 2012
It seems like a lot of rumors have been flying around recently about release dates and what not. However THIS is what you, dear readers, have been waiting for. The only rumor you care about. Pokemon Black/White 2’s release date has been outed by a Japanese retailer. The date, June 23rd, coincides with the fact […]

Pokemon is back in Black also in White

by Tim St. Croixon February 27, 2012
Due to record breaking sales of Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White Version the juggernaut that is known as Nintendo will be releasing Pokemon White and Black Version 2 sometime in 2012. No date or even quarter is specified yet but if I were a betting man I would say the holiday season of 2012. […]

Mewtwo Distribution Event Confirmed

by Andrew Kenton January 26, 2012
Finally after what seems like decades we see Mewtwo come back to the Pokemon series. Do ya’ll remember trying to capture him way back when? Talk about your Mewtwo experiences here in this thread. Nintendo has confirmed that, starting February 12th, there will be a Mewtwo distribution event for Pokemon Black and White. However, you […]

Tease! New Pokemon Coming!

by Andrew Kenton January 18, 2012
Who’s that Pokemon? It’s…we don’t know yet! No, the above picture is not a representation of the new Pokemon dear readers, it’s just Pikachu filling in. Anyways, Japanese magazine CoroCoro has announced that they will be revealing a new Pokemon in their February issue. You’ll also be seeing this new Pokemon in the fifteenth Pokemon […]