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Double Dragon IV has arrived

by Charlie Grammeron January 31, 2017
Arc System Works was proud to unleash Double Dragon IV on PlayStation 4 and PC. Several of the key team members involved in the 1987 arcade title have teamed up to help create the next chapter in the famous saga, including Yoshihisa Kishimoto (Original Planner), Koji Ogata (Designer), and Kazunaka Yamane (Composer). Check out the official […]

Double Dragon IV returns to PlayStation 4 and Steam

by Charlie Grammeron January 2, 2017
Arc System Works was recently proud to announce that the classic beat’em up series, Double Dragon, will return to PlayStation 4 and Steam on January 29 and 30 respectively in North America via Double Dragon IV. Several of the key team members that were involved in the 1987 arcade title have returned to recreate the next […]

Grand Kingdom arrives on PlayStation Network

by Charlie Grammeron June 21, 2016
Nippon Ichi Software was excited to announce that Grand Kingdom has officially arrived on the PlayStation Network for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Players who adopt the game early can download the Lord’s Set DLC bundle until July 21, 2016. The retail version is set to arrive on June 28, 2016. They have shared a new […]

Grand Kingdom LiteDEMO goes live next week

by Charlie Grammeron June 3, 2016
Nippon Ichi Software was excited to share a new trailer showing off the Fighter, Medic, Hunter, and Witch classes. In addition, they have announced that fans will be able to check out these classes in the LiteDEMO version of Grand Kingdom when it becomes available on June 7, 2016 in North America and June 8, 2016 […]

Nippon Ichi Software unveils early adopter DLC for Grand Kingdom

by Charlie Grammeron May 24, 2016
Nippon Ichi Software was excited to announce that those who join in the action of Grand Kingdom at launch will gain access to four free pieces of downloadable content on PlayStation Network in North America and Europe, known as the Lord’s Set Bundle. This bundle includes the following: 1.Lord Glory – a uniquely noble sword for melee […]

KOI arrives on April 19

by Charlie Grammeron April 13, 2016
Oasis Games Ltd, a leading independent Chinese publisher, was thrilled to announce that their award-winning exploration adventure game, KOI, will be available on the PlayStation 4 in North America on April 19, 2016. This title, which follows the quest of a lone koi fish through an ever-evolving lotus pond, will be the first ever Chinese developed […]

Dragon Fin Soup: Extra Chunky Edition to receive a major update

by Charlie Grammeron April 6, 2016
Grimm Bros announced that a fresh serving of their debut RPG, Dragon Fin Soup: Extra Chunky Edition, is coming later this year, with a major update planned for PC, Steam, PlayStation 3, 4, and Vita. It will also launch on Xbox One, iOS, Android, FireTV, Mac, and Linux in late 2016. For those wondering what Extra […]

Dreii arrives on Steam, iOS, and Android

by Charlie Grammeron February 3, 2016
Developer Etter Studio and publisher Bitforge were thrilled to announce that the award-winning physics conundrum game, Dreii, has arrived on PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam, as well as the Apple App Store and Google Play. Check out the teaser trailer below:   Christian Etter, Game Designer, stated, “We can’t wait to see desktop, mobile and […]

Most PSN Services Currently Down

by Dragos Dobreon August 2, 2015
According to several users, and Sony’s own website, several PSN services are down. For now, you can only play online on your PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 consoles, as the Store, PlayStation Video and PlayStation Vue are unavailable. This means that you can’t purchase and/or download any new games until Sony fixes the issue. It’s unlikely […]

Amnesia: Memories screens: Meet Toma

by Charlie Grammeron August 1, 2015
Idea Factory International recently released a new batch of screenshots featuring one of Amnesia: Memories‘ bachelors, Toma. Toma is an old friend who has constantly protected you ever since you were young. The question for you, however, is this; Can you take care of his heart? Having always been your knight in shining armor, Toma […]

The Swindle sneaks onto digital storefronts

by Charlie Grammeron July 30, 2015
Size Five Games and Curve Digital were recently excited to announce that the highly-anticipated steampunk stealth-platformer known as The Swindle has managed to infiltrate the PlayStation Store and Steam, making it officially available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PC. It is fully cross-play compatible, so if you purchase it on one PlayStation […]