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Playstation All-Stars Shows That Sony’s Greatest Strength Is Their Greatest Weakness

by Justin Weinblatton February 7, 2013
Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale was Sony’s answer to Nintendo’s Smash Brothers series. This is not to necessarily say the game is a rip off, but clearly Sony was looking at the success of Nintendo’s prized fighting franchise with green eyes when they decided to pursue their own fighting game franchise. Whether the game is a […]

Who Can Take on Dante from DMC? None Other Than Sackboy

by Josh Boykinon August 24, 2012
So, who’s the one star equipped to take on the emo-fury of DMC‘s Dante? According to a new screenshot, it’s Sackboy. Sony has released screenshots for its new 4-player brawler, Sony Smash Bros. Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, and in one of them Sackboy seems to be handing Dante his ass. Sucks. Lots of people are […]

Game Designer Kamiya Claims Playstation All-Stars is “Just a Rip-Off”

by Josh Boykinon August 7, 2012
We all know Sony’s latest attempt at a multi-player brawler, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale is a knock-off of Nintendo’s popular Super Smash Bros. franchise. Just in case you needed it confirmed from an outside source, game designer Hideki Kamiya agrees. Destructoid reported a tweet from Kamiya where he said that All-Stars is “just a rip-off.” […]

Cole Magrath and Jak and Daxter Headed to PlayStation All-Stars

by Sebastian Marcoon July 15, 2012
Since its announcement at PlayStation’s press conference All-Stars:Battle Royale has come along way. From adding new characters, to bringing on former Capcom  employee Seth Killian, alot of things are falling into place for Sony. Recently added to their list of characters for the game are Cole Magrath from infamous, and Jak and Daxter. Making the total […]

Sony’s Press Conference Shows They’re Holding Back

by Josh Boykinon June 5, 2012
Sony had some pretty big goals to live up to as the final show of the night Monday evening. Microsoft, EA, and Ubisoft all came out and made showings for their new technologies and games, so the big question is: did Sony live up to the expectations set by the other companies? Even though they […]