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Gaming With Killatia Soul Calibur 2 Universal Arcade Stick Review

by killatiaon August 30, 2016
Today on Gaming With Killatia we check out the Soul Calibur 2 Universal Arcade Stick for the PS2, Gamecube, and Xbox. Dose it cool design translate to good gameplay? Indeed it does. Youtube Channel: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon: Website:

Gamebusters myth 32: Deus Ex predicted the 9/11 attacks

by Charlie Grammeron September 21, 2015
Welcome back, dear readers, to another entry in our Gamebusters series. I again apologize for the delay between features, as I haven’t quite gotten settled in with my new situation yet, but I promise that once I do get fully settled you’ll be seeing more of these with more regularity as I continue to dig […]

Celebrate PlayStation’s 20th Anniversary With Great Discounts

by Tatiana Dinuon December 3, 2014
What better way to celebrate Playstation’s 20th anniversary, than with great discounts for all games? Today on PlayStation.Blog, it has been revealed the list of all discounted games. Be sure that you’ll find something for you, no matter what genres you like or what console you own, as there are games for all of Sony’s […]

Lotta Boys: The Secret History of The Gamecube

by hard4gameson September 10, 2014
  Lotta Boys Bought The Gamecube. In turn, a lotta boys had their lives changed forever as the GCN battled the Playstation. Check out the other channels that helped make this video possible: Silvermania Vintage Video Game Geek Easter Egg Hunter Indie Games Searchlight King Game Review CygnusDestroyer20XX:

Stig Asmussen is no longer with Sony

by Charlie Grammeron March 19, 2014
Stig Asmussen, commonly just known as Stig, has left Sony Santa Monica. Some may be reading this and wondering who this person is, and the answer is simple: He was one of the core people behind the original God of War trilogy. To be more specific, he worked on the environment art in the original […]

Gamebusters myth 18: Shadow of the Colossus contains a 17th Colossus

by Charlie Grammeron March 13, 2014
Welcome, dear readers, to the eighteenth entry of our Gamebusters series, where we track down gaming myths and try to debunk them. This week we’ll be focusing on a PlayStation 2 classic title, Shadow of the Colossus. Before we begin, however, I want to warn anybody who may not have beaten the game: This myth […]

Gamebusters myth 17: Leatherface is in San Andreas

by Charlie Grammeron March 7, 2014
Last week we decided to go back to the early Nintendo days for our myth, but this week we’ll do something a bit more recent, specifically one of the many myths surrounding Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This myth is that Leatherface, the killer from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, resides within San Andreas. He resides, as the […]

Deception IV: Blood Ties release date announced

by Charlie Grammeron January 17, 2014
Today, Tecmo Koei has officially announced the release date for the fourth game in their sadistic Deception series. Deception IV: Blood Ties will release in North America on March 25, 2014. The newest game in the series will be utilizing full Cross Play and Cross Save support between the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. In […]

Sony expects the PlayStation 4 to outsell the PlayStation 3

by Charlie Grammeron December 6, 2013
Andrew House, CEO of Sony’s PlayStation branch has today expressed his belief that the PlayStation 4 will do much better than the PlayStation 3 in terms of sales. Speaking with MCV, he went on to explain the reason for his thinking. Said Mr. House,“It has an opportunity to significantly exceed what we’ve been able to […]

Need for Speed movie trailer features Breaking Bad star

by Charlie Grammeron September 26, 2013
Fans of the Need for Speed franchise are likely looking forward to the upcoming movie based on the games (or not, considering how many video game movies turn out), but now fans of a popular television show have a reason to look forward to it as well. The reason is that Aaron Paul, a star […]

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Collection launches in winter, 2014

by Charlie Grammeron September 19, 2013
That’s right, Final Fantasy fans, the FF X, FF X-2 HD collection has been given a release window. Though Square Enix’s announcement on the PlayStation Blog (via Polygon) didn’t give us a concrete date, they did state that it would be out this winter. In addition, they revealed that the PlayStation 3 version will contain both titles on one […]