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Pachter: Xbox One and PS4 to sellout, predicts successful launch for both

by Pashford Muranoon May 30, 2013
Michael Pachter, an analyst who is no stranger to the gaming community, made remarks in an exclusive interview with GameZone, in regards to the next generation of gaming. The analyst shared his thoughts about the upcoming launches for the Xbox One and PS4, and believe both will prove successful, come launch day. Pachter is quoted with the […]

Xbox One: Mad Catz making peripherals for new console

by Pashford Muranoon May 29, 2013
In a not so surprising announcement, Mad Catz has come forward and officially stated third-party hardware development support for the upcoming Xbox One. Mad Catz has been a go to for gamers looking to shop on the cheap, when it comes to controllers and hardware add-ons for their favorite consoles. Mad Catz has helped to […]

Big names announced for Game Developers Conference in Europe: Epic, 343 Studios, Double Fine

by Pashford Muranoon May 29, 2013
The gaming calendar is full of all star events and interesting expos. The Game Developers Conference (GDC), isn’t just held in America every year, Europe gets their own venue to boast about, and it recently got a shot in the arm with some serious star power. Set to take place on August 19th, and going […]

Conker’s Bad Fur Day: hilarious director’s commentary now available on Youtube

by Pashford Muranoon May 29, 2013
For any of you fans of Rare in the 90s, do I have a treat for you. Following a recent number of outspoken opinions from ex-Rare workers, a special director’s commentary for the cult classic Conker’s Bad Fur Day, is now available for all to enjoy on YouTube. Check out the video here: In the […]

Xbox One: game developer James Silva, “We’re Indie, we like Microsoft”

by Pashford Muranoon May 29, 2013
In an attempt at dousing some of the raging fires in regards to the recent outcry of Xbox One anti-indie banter, game developer James Silva (Dishwasher, Charlie Murder) put forth some positive sentiment about working with the gaming giant. In a candid blog post over on Gamasutra, Silva went about dispelling some of the myths […]

Tropes vs Women in Video Games: new video out now

by Pashford Muranoon May 29, 2013
A new video in the ongoing series about sexism in video games, Tropes vs. Women in video games, is finally up for all to enjoy and argue over to their hearts’ content. Anita Sarkeesian made waves last year, when she created a Kickstarter campaign to fund a lengthy expose, which involved a critical analysis of […]

Legend of Zelda: Oracle games make it to the Virtual Console in Europe and North America

by Pashford Muranoon May 28, 2013
Eager Zelda fans have been anticipating the long-announced-but several-times-delayed release of some Legend of Zelda titles for the Virtual Console. The Japanese 3DS VC was lucky enough to get Oracles of Ages and Oracle of Seasons earlier this year, and now both portable Zelda games are coming to the 3DS VC for both European and North […]

Steam Deal: Get Payday The Heist for only $5.00

by Pashford Muranoon May 28, 2013
Steam is never in short supply of good deals, s0 it should come as no surprise when they have a fun game for a good price. In one of their more recent temporary markdowns, the first-person-shooter d co-op title Payday The Heist gets the price cut. Payday The Heist is a team based multiplayer  game, […]

Xbox One: worrying patent suggests grim reality, achievements for watching television

by Pashford Muranoon May 28, 2013
In what may come to pass as significant proof of a video game console with non-gaming related priorities in mind, a new patent suggests Microsoft wants to reward you for doing nothing…or close to. Microsoft’s recent involvement with the patent, proposes an achievement system for the Xbox One, to reward players for watching television shows, […]

Xbox One: Gamestop shares dwindle following new systems used games policy

by Pashford Muranoon May 28, 2013
Xbox One whiplash is still in full swing, as an article on Gamasutra reports Gamestop taking a huge hit from the news of the latest consoles used games approach. As of today, and in a direct consequence of the Xbox One reveal last week, GameStop’s stock has dropped by more than 13%, and a 7% overall […]

The end of Curiosity: conclusion of Peter Molyneux’s bizarre game finally reached

by Pashford Muranoon May 28, 2013
Peter Molyneux’s recent IOS/Android title “Curiosity”, has finally reached it’s inevitable conclusion, with some surprising results. The title first appeared late last year, and was a free-to-play game that involved a huge cube, with tens of thousands of players tapping away, trying to reach the center of it’s contents. While it took several months, and […]