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Dark Souls 3 fans should be looking forward to at least one of these

by Tyler Colpon July 9, 2015
The number of days between us and Dark Souls 3 are dropping. All we have to do is get through the holiday season and it’ll feel like it’s right around the corner, as long as it doesn’t get delayed, that is. Dark Souls fans have a lot of expectations for the third entry in the […]

The one game we’re probably never going to see at E3 again

by Tyler Colpon June 10, 2015
Next month marks the eighth anniversary of Sony announcing that Rockstar Games was working on a PlayStation exclusive game, which we later learned was Agent, in 2007. It was officially announced at E3 2009 and since then we’ve heard almost nothing. With rumors of The Last Guardian, a game that was in a similar situation, actually […]

The one developer that nailed video game storytelling this week

by Tyler Colpon May 28, 2015
The last Game of Thrones episode from Telltale, Sons of Winter, is very good. Like, very, very good. It used each of its four main characters to construct tough decisions, made even harder with the developer’s signature time-sensitive choices. If I had to point to one, specific thing that was great, it was the build up to […]

Review | Life Is Strange: Episode 2 – Out of Time

by Tyler Colpon March 24, 2015
The ability to go back in time and change what you’ve done is a life-changing super power. One that can fix mistakes, explore different options, remove regret, and save lives. There’s so many possibilities that it would be hard not to abuse it. For a story, especially a video game story, a power like that […]

The 5 things only World of Warcraft veterans remember

by Tyler Colpon March 10, 2015
If you’ve played World of Warcraft for several years, you’ve likely come across some of the game’s quirks. They’re the kind of quirks that are hard to explain to people who don’t play the game, but are a great way to reminisce about the game’s past with those who do. These are five of the best […]

Only true Bloodborne fans are doing these things before it’s out

by Tyler Colpon March 5, 2015
Bloodborne is almost here. Like FromSoftware’s Souls games, it deserves some preparation. There’s an entire world with characters and lore and themes to learn about. So, with only 2 weeks left, here’s what the biggest Bloodborne fans are doing to get ready. Picking a name You can’t just walk into Bloodborne’s dark, victorian setting with […]

It’s time we talk about Dragon Age: Inquisition’s one severe problem

by Tyler Colpon January 7, 2015
Dragon Age: Inquisition has been met with near-universal acclaim and several Game of The Year awards. For good reasons; the game does a lot of things really well. But the latest BioWare RPG also has a lot of problems, annoyances that have put some people off, like the game starting in the big, boring Hinterlands, or […]

The best arguments for playing World of Warcraft right now

by Tyler Colpon January 3, 2015
I’ve been thinking a lot about why I still play World of Wacraft, Blizzard’s massive virtual world that’s been around for 10 years now. I’ve tried to narrow it down to one core reason why I’ve kept playing the same game throughout the last nine or so years of my life. This, I’ve discovered, is […]

How to choose the best game of 2014

by Tyler Colpon December 17, 2014
It’s December, and that means that people are going to start discussing the best games that came out this year. This is a fun battle to fight because you get to look back on the great experiences of 2014. But whittling it down to one, to that single game that you can point to as […]

Nobody is talking about Uncharted 4’s biggest problems to solve

by Tyler Colpon December 15, 2014
Yes, the Uncharted 4 footage was beautiful. It was stunning, even, in some spots. Surprise, Naughty Dog is making a pretty game with a pretty jungle in it. That’s not what’s most interesting, most worrying, about the footage we finally got to see. These are. 1. Shoot that guy One of the most biting criticisms […]

The 4 Game of the Year nominations The Game Awards left out

by Tyler Colpon December 2, 2014
Geoff Keighley’s new show, The Game Awards, will pick its winner for Game of The Year this Friday at 9 p.m. ET. It will choose from its five nominees, which include: Bayonetta 2, Dark Souls 2, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, and Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. The problem is, that list is seriously […]