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Review | Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan X

by Ramon Arandaon March 20, 2015
When Nvidia unveiled the new GeForce GTX Titan X during GDC, I have to admit I was pretty excited.  That excitement doubled when I got a chance to see it up close for myself, along with a few demos that included the Unreal Engine 4 demo showing a kid and his kite, as well as […]

NVIDIA reveals Titan X specs and price

by Ramon Arandaon March 17, 2015
During NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference press conference this morning, CEO Jen-Hsun Huang revealed the full specs for its new flagship GPU – the Titan X, along with pricing details. The Titan X features a GM200 GPU with 8 billion transistors, and 3072 CUDA cores using the Maxwell architecture. Base clock speed is 1000MHz, while boost clock speed […]

Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference live stream

by Ramon Arandaon March 17, 2015
Nvidia to finally reveal full details about the GeForce Titan X, and more.


GGTV – GDC 2015: NVIDIA Shield Preview with Andrew Fear

by Steve Masterson March 9, 2015
Andrew Fear, Sr. Product Manager at NVIDIA GRID, gives us all the details of the upcoming Shield console. Check it out!

Registration now open for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Pro/Am tournament

by Ramon Arandaon February 26, 2015
Registration is now officially open for the Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Pro/Am international tournament, which players can access via The tournament is open to both pro and amateur players and the competition will give winners a $25K grand prize and qualification points for the Hearthstone World Championship. NVIDIA will also provide SHIELD tablets to all pro […]


Nvidia Will Hold a Special Press Event in March

by Dragos Dobreon February 11, 2015
Nvidia’s President and Chief Executive Office Jen-Hsun Huang has announced via an email invitation sent to numerous outlets that the company will be holding a special conference Tuesday, March 3. At the event, Nvidia will be unveiling something that was “more than 5 years in the making”, and it’s set to “redefine the future of gaming”. […]

Early DirectX 12 Tests Show a Significant Power Increase on Both Nvidia and AMD GPUs

by Dragos Dobreon February 11, 2015
Better days are coming soon for PC gamers, as tech site AnandTech has been running several tests on the Oxide’s Star Swarm demo using the brand new DirectX 12, and managed to obtain some incredible results. The tests reveal a performance increase of 400% on AMD GPUs and 150% on Nvidia GPUs. The Nvidia GTX 980, currently one […]

NVIDIA Reveals Tegra X1, a Mobile Graphics Chip Equivalent of Desktop’s Maxwell

by Dragos Dobreon January 5, 2015
CES 2015 has debuted with quite a blast from NVIDIA’s own Jen-Hsun Huang, who opened the company’s panel by revealing the brand new Tegra X1. The X1 is a mobile graphics chip, which according to NVIDIA, is the equivalent of the Maxell desktop GPUs. It features 256 CUDA processor cores and 8 CPU cores, while it can […]


MSI adds NVIDIA GTX 970M, 980M to lineup

by Adam Larckon October 7, 2014
MSI Computer Corp. has updated its GS Stealth/Ghost and GT Dominator series with new graphic chips. Starting today, the above series of laptops will come with the NVIDIA GTX 900M series of chips, such as the 970M and 980M, which will increase the graphical performance by up to 28 percent, depending on the model. “MSI’s […]
WildStar developers stream this weekend to celebrate launch.

Carbine Studios gets well known streamers to help christen WildStar

by Charlie Grammeron May 30, 2014
With Carbine Studios set to celebrate the start of a new era in action adventure MMO gaming tonight with the release of WildStar, gamers are eager to discover what, exactly, sets the title apart from your typical MMO. The game features a fresh look and feel with fast-paced combat, competitive PvP, and content tailored to satisfy every type […]

Half-Life 2 coming to nVidia Shield

by Dragos Dobreon May 12, 2014
Shield is NVIDIA’s solution to handheld gaming on an Android powered device. While it’s out for almost one year, the handheld console isn’t as near as successful as NVIDIA predicted. But in the past few months, a few interesting game have appeared for the console, games that might get a few people to buy it. […]