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Gaming With Killatia Hyperkin Cadet Premium Nes Controller Review

by killatiaon September 8, 2017
Looking for a brand new controller for you old school NES or NES Clone consoles? Killatia takes at look at Hyperkin’s offering, The Cadet Premium Nes controller, and see if it worth your money! Youtube Channel: Twitch: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon: Website:

Gaming With Killatia Balloon Fight

by killatiaon July 23, 2015
As a tribute to the late Satoru Iwata today’s Gaming With Killatia takes a look at the late President of Nintendo’s first game Balloon Fight! Youtube Channel: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon: Website:  

Gamebusters myth 29: Pac-Man Safety Zone

by Charlie Grammeron August 5, 2014
Hello, dear readers, and welcome to another entry in our Gamebusters series, where we track down gaming myths and try to debunk them. Since some are true, of course, we wind up proving a few of them. Before we begin this week’s myth, I would like to apologize to you all for not having one […]

What would Attack on Titan’s opening look like with Super Mario Bros 3 characters?

by Charlie Grammeron September 11, 2013
This is something that has puzzled mankind for ages. Just what would the opening look like if the characters were replaced by the cast of Super Mario Bros 3? Ok, perhaps it hasn’t puzzled mankind for ages, but a YouTube video recently shared with us aims to answer the question. And the answer is? Pretty […]