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Nintendo DS Development Unit! – IS Nitro Emulator – H4G

by hard4gameson November 18, 2017
Hard4Games shows off Nintendo DS development units! We have two IS Nitro Emulators – one with the original DS, one a DS Lite! These up-gradable units were made by Intelligent Systems for development and debugging. Upgrades included USG (DS Lite), video out, and wireless. Support the Show ►► Patreon: T-Shirts and MERCH: SOCIAL […]

Top 10 Most Memorable Moments in E3’s History

by Mihai Cosmin Naeon May 30, 2014
Since 1995 the Electronic Entertainment Expo, known as E3, has been the home to surprising reveals, big announcements and huge disappointments in gaming industry. The biggest publishers and manufacturers are present at the event to show us what’s next for gaming, but poor preparation or choices can lead them to embarrassing moments. With less than […]

How The Xbox One Caught The Wii U’s Doom

by Justin Weinblatton March 17, 2014
It wasn’t too long ago that the frontpage of N4G was flooded with articles about the Wii U and its inevitable downfall.  The gaming media and its followers loved to watch the Wii U flounder, but the Wii U has gotten a reprieve.  Now, the XBox One is our favorite new punching bag.  Not much […]

What if the Nintendo DS have never come out?

by Rachael Wardon September 23, 2013
Its hard to imagine what hand held gaming would have evolved differently if this one little device had never been released. Would developers have continued to develop the interactive touch screen as a much as they have now? If not, what kind of nuance in gaming mechanics would we have gotten instead? More work on […]

GG Roundtable: My Favorite Console of All-Time Is…

by Ramon Arandaon August 19, 2013
Which console was the best of the best?

Lego Marvel Super Heroes Video Interview

by Steve Masterson April 4, 2013
We talk with, Producer, Phill Ring about Lego’s newest addition to the series.

Super Mario Games that Rocked

by Ramon Arandaon November 9, 2012
We’re only a few days away from the launch of the Nintendo Wii U, which brings with it a brand new Mario game – New Super Mario Bros. U.  Having played the game at various press events, I’m certainly excited about it and it’s shaping up to be another excellent Mario title. That being said, […]

Nintendo To Focus on “What Smartphones Cannot Do”

by Sean Garmeron October 30, 2012
Satoru Iwata declared to several investors about a week ago that “no dedicated gaming systems are worthy of existence unless our games give consumers unparalleled fun”. According to CVG Iwata´s declaration was an answer to a question about how to combat the growing popularity of IOS devices in gamimng. Iwata feels that the quality of […]

New Monster Hunter 4 Screenshots

by Ramon Arandaon October 14, 2012
Capcom has published some brand new screenshots for Monster Hunter 4, which is scheduled for a March 2013 release in Japan. You can check out the full gallery below!

Thundercats – Nintendo DS Trailer

by Ramon Arandaon October 14, 2012
Namco Bandai has set the release date of Oct. 30 for the Nintendo DS and 3DS game Thundercats, based on the recent reboot series (not the old school 80s cartoon). Above is the game’s official trailer, which shows Lion-O and company taking on Mumm-ra’s cronies.

Nintendo Details World Tournament Mode for Pokemon Black/White Version 2

by Ramon Arandaon July 10, 2012
Nintendo has today revealed new info about the World Tournament mode in Pokemon Black Version 2 and Pokemon White Version 2, which releases on Oct. 7. The game will once again put players in the Unova region in an all new adventure that takes place two years after the events of the first games. The […]