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Prepping for Level 2013: Gaming Resolutions for the New Year

by Ryan Bateson December 31, 2012
With under 12 hours left in 2012, it’s time to start making those New Year’s Resolutions, and taking over/under bets on when other people will break theirs. (Hey, I’m in Vegas, it’s what we do.) And as I come up on the back end of my first year with GotGame, I thought it might be […]

Quirky New Years Resolutions

by Andrew Kenton December 30, 2011
The new year is just right around the corner and people have been twittering and facebooking their New Years resolutions hoping that they actually stick to them this year. Some people have grand aspirations and others have simple goals they wish to accomplish. However, there are those who just have weird, quirky, or just plain […]