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A New Xbox One and PlayStation 4 With 4K Could be Released This Year According to Netflix CPO

by Mihai Cosmin Naeon February 3, 2015
Since before the launch of Xbox One and PlayStation 4, people from the game industry were talking about the possibilty of hardware upgrades for these consoles, in order to close the gap between PC’s graphic performances and the Gen 4 video games consoles. These days a rumour says that a new Xbox One and PlayStation […]

Netflix Pays People For Watching Movies All Day

by Robert Craciunon July 9, 2014
Everyone’s dream job is here – getting paid for watching movies and TV all day long. Yes, there’s a slight catch, but who cares?! The popular streaming service has a job opening for something called a “tagger”. A tagger is someone who watches and analyzes movies and TV programmes that will be streaming to Netflix […]

Sega Channel

by Maggie Wilandon April 9, 2014
Back when I was a little girl, I had this neighbor named Josh who used to babysit me, and sometimes I’d go over and play his Sega Genesis. Not because I didn’t own one, because I did (because I had no friends), but because he had Sega Channel. Sega Channel was an online game service […]

Xbox Live issues have been fixed

by Charlie Grammeron March 13, 2014
A couple of days ago people were having trouble logging into Xbox Live on their Xbox One consoles. Microsoft was unsure as to what was happening, but was able to quickly fix the issues, although as of yesterday even though people could login there were still problems with both Netflix (on Xbox One) and YouTube […]

Sony announces ‘PlayStation Now’ streaming service at CES

by Ryan Bateson January 8, 2014
Blockbuster Video and Hollywood Video used to be a dime a dozen in major cities across America. Then along came Netflix and sent both major chains packing. This week, video game retailers were introduced to a similar threat, thanks to Sony. At this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Sony revealed their plans for […]

Microsoft unveils apps to be available at launch for Xbox One

by Ramon Arandaon November 8, 2013
With Sony having announced which apps would be available on Day 1 for the PlayStation 4, Microsoft has today shot back with their own confirmed line-up of apps for the Xbox One that will arrive between the launch day of Nov. 22 and Spring 2014. “We set out to make Xbox One the all-in-one games […]

PS4 launch day apps revealed; include Netflix, Hulu and Redbox

by Ramon Arandaon November 7, 2013
Sony has revealed the launch day apps that will be available on the PlayStation 4, beginning Nov. 15, which includes plenty of entertainment and sports apps. Available to download from the PlayStation Store will be Music Unlimited, Amazon Instant Video, Video Unlimited, Crackle, Crunchyroll, EPIX, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Redbox, NBA Game Time, NHL GameCenter Live, […]

12GB PlayStation 3 model launching in North America on August 18

by Dragos Dobreon August 14, 2013
After Sony released a more affordable PlayStation 3 console last year exclusively for Europe and Hong Kong, the company is planing to release the third-generation flash-based PlayStation 3 in North America too. Several photos were leaked on the internet with a 12GB PS3 that comes with a Netflix package and a sign “do not sell […]

Microsoft does away with an annoying Xbox LIVE limitation

by Charlie Grammeron August 9, 2013
Microsoft gamers have been annoyed when they tried to play a Games for Windows Live PC game as a friend or roommate attempted to stream Netflix on the Xbox 360. By being forcefully logged onto the console, you are booted from the PC game, and cannot enjoy it as you would otherwise. There is good […]

Xbox One gets unboxed

by Adam Larckon August 8, 2013
Microsoft’s Major Nelson has finally unbowed the Xbox One to show what’s all inside. The unboxing, seen below, reveals that the package will come with an Xbox One Chat headset, going against a statement the company had previously revealed. Both the Day One and Standard editions will feature a headset. Both boxes also feature an […]

Netflix Launches Super HD, 3D Streaming

by Adam Larckon February 14, 2013
A few new features are being rolled out by Netflix. A high-quality 1080p streaming feature called Super HD is being launched for ISPs that are part of the Open Connect initiative. Interested people can visit the launch page to see if their ISP is participating. The Super HD requires at least 5Mb/s connection speed, with […]