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GGR 1215 – Need for Speed & Battlefield Hardline

by Steve Masterson January 6, 2016
Happy New Year video gamers! It’s Steve Masters with GotGame! We’re counting down my top 20 video games from 2015… at number 16… Need For Speed. Set in the fictional Ventura Bay… build up your skills racing drivers that call you on the phone. Get money, skill points when you win! Need For Speed… is […]

GGR 1165 – Need for Speed & WWE 2K16

by Steve Masterson November 9, 2015
Listen up video gamers… it’s Steve Masters with GotGame! I know what your thinking… car racing games… I’m sick of them..Y. es, many of them are repetitive… but the new Need for Speed changes that… besides great white knuckle racing, there’s parking lots to do doughnuts. A cool live action story, and the cops show up […]

GGR 1160 – Shovel Knight & Need for Speed

by Steve Masterson November 3, 2015
Listen up video gamers… it’s Steve Masters with GotGame! Tuesday… new games hit stores today! Old school gamers are going back in time to Shovel Knight! It’s been a download for a while now… but now you can get the physical disc for Wii U, 3DS, Xbox one and PS4! Dig with your shovel…! Shovel Khight…! […]

Need for Speed Gets a Launch Trailer

by Tatiana Dinuon October 29, 2015
There is a few time left until EA will release Need for Speed, but as a present for you, EA has released a launch trailer. The trailer can be seen below, and it will help you make an idea about what the game will look like. Need for Speed will be released next month, on November […]

GGTV – Need for Speed Gameplay Sneak Peek with Marcus Nilsson

by Steve Masterson October 29, 2015
Do you have the need… the need for speed? Well, rev up those engines and get ready to get into the the race with Executive Producer Marcus Nilsson.

Need for Speed Gets the BMW M2 Next Month

by Tatiana Dinuon October 14, 2015
Recently it was announced that BMW M2 will be added to Need for Speed next month. Below you can see a video announcing the car’s entrance. Need for Speed will be released next month, on November 3rd, and it will be available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The car will be added to the […]

Need for Speed PC Version Delayed Into 2016

by Tatiana Dinuon September 14, 2015
According to developer Ghost Games, the PC version of Need for Speed won’t be released this year. Therefore, even if the PS4 and the Xbox One versions of the game will be released on November 3rd, the most probable time to release the PC version is spring 2016. The delay is the result of the fact […]

GGR 1103 – Need for Speed & Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

by Steve Masterson August 28, 2015
What’s up video gamers? It’s Steve Masters with GotGame. There have been over 20 Need for Speed games since 1996… and yes…there will be another one… simply called Need For Speed, this video game will have a highly detailed garage where you can create the car of your dreams… take it out for some late […]

Xbox Live Deals with Gold – July 28th – August 3rd

by Mihai Cosmin Naeon July 27, 2015
The latest deals for Xbox Live gold subscribers went live, but they are not as impressive as you expected to be. On Xbox One you can purchase Warframe Platinum and Assassin’s Creed IV DLCs at with a discount of 30%-50% off, while on Xbox 360 it’s all about Need For Speed and Airmech Arena. Deals With […]

Need for Speed Reboot Will Require an Internet Connection

by Dragos Dobreon May 29, 2015
Ghost Games’ reboot of Need for Speed will require a constant connection to the internet, as the developer confirmed today on Twitter. When asked about the game, a spokesperson revealed that the internet requirement it’s implemented because it will add “more variety and a more rewarding experience with friends.”, “allow your friends to be part of your […]

Newest Need for Speed Game Gets a Teaser Trailer

by Tatiana Dinuon May 21, 2015
The newest Need for Speed game, which is in development at Ghost Games, has received a teaser trailer. Once with the video it came out the news according to which the game will be fully revealed next month. Need for Speed is one of the most iconic names in gaming, and we’re returning it to greatness […]