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Review | Dark Souls 3

by Adam Larckon May 4, 2016
After a sequel that irritated many series purists and a sidetrack into the Bloodborne universe, Dark Souls has made its return with the third series. While the core mechanics may relatively be the same as the first entry in the series, there have been plenty of refinements to Dark Souls 3 to make the series […]

Review | Pokken Tournament

by Adam Larckon March 22, 2016
Fans of Pokemon can picture the fighting system in their minds. Two creatures facing off as their trainers choose from a set of four moves shown in a box.   After all, the series has always just been a RPG title. Even during its time on consoles, it was a static battle system that showed […]

Review | Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

by Adam Larckon February 17, 2016
Ever since Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth hit Japanese shelves, I had an interest in the title. I was a big fan of the Digimon World series on the PSX, and this looked to be the first title to hearken back to those titles.   After playing through and checking out the newest version of the […]

2 revealing Dark Souls 3 theories from the new Gamescom trailer

by Tyler Colpon August 4, 2015
The Dark Souls 3 trailer is stuffed with several shots from the game, but there’s still so little context and information to go on. It’s hard to tell who is who and what is what. But there’s a couple things that caught our attention that might suggest some pretty big changes for the upcoming game. […]

GGTV – E3 2015: 8 Minutes of MotoGP 15 Gameplay with Daniele Caso

by Steve Masterson June 19, 2015
As we round the bases at Namco Bandai we spend a little quality time with Daniele Caso, PR & Social Media Manager at Milestone, who gets us in the game with MotoGP 15. Check it out!

Is Dark Souls 3 Going To Be Revealed at E3?

by Mihai Cosmin Naeon June 2, 2015
Bandai Namco is expected to announce Dark Souls III at E3, according to a source close to the game. It seems that maestro Hidetaka Miyazaki will be heading up development once again, after he was the Director on the first Dark Souls, Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne. Miyazaki also had a supervisory role on Dark Souls II, […]

Project X Zone II receives new screens showing off Phoenix and others

by Charlie Grammeron May 16, 2015
Recently BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America confirmed several characters for their upcoming crossover strategy title, Project X Zone 2. This confirmation came in the form of new screens and art that highlights both new and returning characters from several of the most prolific video game companies. The newly announced fighters that have been confirmed include both […]

GGTV – Godzilla Gameplay with Mark Religioso

by Steve Masterson February 2, 2015
Mark Religioso from Namco Bandai gives an update on what monster mashing cityscape bashing fun we can expect from Godzilla.

You Missed the Giant Lobster in Dark Souls 2

by Tyler Colpon January 12, 2015
Hidden inside Dark Souls 2 map files are remnants of discarded models and unfinished designs. It’s the kind of stuff you’ll never see by playing the game normally. Thankfully, Souls-series sleuth Illusorywall is digging through the map files and posting the most interesting finds on Tumblr. One of those is a giant lobster (above). The crustacean creature […]

GGTV – PlayStation Experience: Godzilla Gameplay with Mark Religioso

by Steve Masterson December 10, 2014
Ever wonder what it would be like to be Godzilla and rampage through a city? Well, Mark Religioso from Namco Bandai gives us our first shot at it with some Godzilla gameplay.

Tales of Hearts R now available in North America

by Charlie Grammeron November 12, 2014
BANDAI NAMCO Games was excited to announce that Tales of Hearts R is now available in North America. This title, which is the latest entry in their long running TALES OF RPG series, brings a classic tale of discovery and adventure to Western audiences. Tales of Hearts R features beautifully animated cut scenes that convey the story of […]