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Modern Warfare 3 Ad Banned During Daytime UK TV

by Josh Boykinon July 26, 2012
Tensions over gun violence are evidently mounting as complaints from viewers of a British football match got an ad for Activision’s triple-A shooter pulled off the air during the day. After receiving multiple complaints, the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) pulled an ad for Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 3 from daytime time slots. As reported by […]

Call of Duty Map Packs on Sale

by Adam Larckon July 5, 2012
PS3, PC and 360 Call of Duty fans can get some cheap map packs this week. Activision announced that all Black Ops map packs, along with Content Collection 1 and 2 for MW3 have been discounted for a week. Activision also announced that a portion of sales from the discounted week will go towards the […]

Burning Embers: Tablets VS. Consoles – Who Will Win?

by Andrew Kenton March 26, 2012
IT’S MY BIRTHDAY BUY ME THINGS. UM. Look at the baby and get angry about people talking about tablets (mainly the iPad) making consoles extinct! Yeah, so I saw another article talking about how the iPad is competition for consoles. Hah, what? The iPad, competition for consoles? Pshaw, tablets will never take the place of […]

MW3 Content Collection

by Tim St. Croixon February 29, 2012
Activision announced today that Modern Warfare 3 will be having some exclusive DLC drop for the 360 on March 20th. They are calling the DLC The Modern Warfare Content Collection #1 and it is the first of four that are scheduled to drop and will be available to purchase for all MW3 gamers. MW3 Collection […]

Burning Embers: Is The Industry To Blame For Pirating?

by Andrew Kenton January 9, 2012
Pirating has become a big issue as of late due to the proposed SOPA bill. Sure pirating things that other people make is a bad thing but who is really to blame in this debacle? The pirates or the industry? Let’s take a look at music for a second. My take is that you should […]