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Review | Amplitude

by Adam Larckon January 26, 2016
Long before Rock Band became the key feature of Harmonix, the developer had the likes of games like Frequency and Amplitude.   While Rock Band 4 is still one of their big titles, the team Kickstarted Amplitude to bring the game to PC and PS4. While the game is still fun to play, there are […]

Discover The Beautiful Music Of No Man’s Sky

by Robert Craciunon December 7, 2014
No Man’s Sky is, without doubt, one of the most talked-about games at the moment, especially after (almost) stealing the show at the Playstation Experience Show (I say almost because Un-freaking-charted 4). With it’s procedural, well… everything and its endless gameplay value, it is a veritable and truly unique game. But what people often miss […]

The Importance of Music in Video Games

by Mihai Cosmin Naeon May 25, 2014
Last week during a conversation I was having with a friend about the video game industry, an interesting topic came up: Why don´t gamers talk so much about soundtracks? Usually, when two people are talking about a video game, there are always the same three main topics of their conversation: the graphics, the storyline and […]

The GotGame 2013 Best Games in the Whole Entire World (Part 4)

by Ryan Bateson January 2, 2014
We’ve got more Genre Awards coming up today. What are the Best Games in the Whole Entire World in the fields of Music, Horror, Adventure, and others? Click on to find out!  

Starbomb releases self-titled album

by Adam Larckon December 20, 2013
The guys behind Game Grumps, EgoRaptor and Ninja Sex Party have formed a new video game music group called Starbomb. The first CD, featuring various adult-themed raps, is now available on iTunes, AmazonMP3, Spotify and the group’s website. The album has 13 tracks featuring Pokemon, Metroid, Mega Man and more. Sexual innuendos are abundant in […]

New video game tribute band formed

by Adam Larckon October 28, 2013
Jason Hayes, a composer at Blizzard Entertainment, has started up a new video game tribute band called Critical Hit. The group’s first album, which comes out at the end of the month for $15, will feature the themes of Tetris, Pokemon, Halo 2 and more. Anyone that pre-orders before Oct. 31 will get a signed […]

Rapper claims Rockstar didn’t obtain permission to use his songs in GTA V

by Charlie Grammeron October 11, 2013
Rockstar’s latest crime game, Grand Theft Auto V is packed with music, however one artist has come forth stating that the company was not given permission to use his in the game. This artist, a rapper by the name of Daz Dillinger, has two songs that appear in the game. These are “C-Walk” and “Nothin’ […]

Review | Rush Bros.

by Josh Boykinon July 17, 2013
I’m a sucker for music-based games. Titles like Lumines, Dance Dance Revolution, and Audiosurf have held a special place in my heart for years by combining spot-on gameplay with an excellent infusion of music and rhythm. When I heard Rush Bros was a music-based racing platformer where you could use your own music, I got […]

Video Games Live announces new shows around the globe

by Ramon Arandaon June 28, 2013
Video Games Live has just announced its new tour dates, which begin this week in Omaha, Nebraska. The tour will include over 30 stops, including: The 7th returning performance (and ALL NEW SHOW) at Jones Hall with the amazing Houston Symphony celebrating its 100th year! The 4th returning performance (and ALL NEW SHOW) with the […]

The 2013 E3 Epic Win Awards (part 4)

by Ryan Bateson June 27, 2013
What’s that? You say the readers hunger for more genre awards in the same way that ancient Romans thirsted for gladiators’ blood amongst the lions in the Coliseum? Very well. Give to them MOAR GAMEZ!!! And do it with a trophy giving the thumbs-up sign. My people shall be pleased! Without further ado, the envelopes, […]

The magic of music – ‘Fantasia: Music Evolved’ a surprise hit at E3

by Ryan Bateson June 16, 2013
Every year at E3 there’s a game somewhere out on the floor that, when found, those who see it end up with their jaw agape saying, “Wow. Didn’t see THAT coming.” Fantasia: Music Evolved was this year’s game no one saw coming.     We saw the trailer at Disney’s E3 booth and thought it […]