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Mirror’s Edge 2 Name Changed to Catalyst, Confirmed Ahead of E3 2015

by Dragos Dobreon June 9, 2015
EA came forward today and confirmed that Catalyst is the new name for Mirror’s Edge 2. This means that the trademark filled yesterday in Europe was meant for Mirror’s Edge successor. The company also confirmed that the game will be fully revealed next week at EA’s E3 2015 conference. We can expect for Catalyst to […]

Mass Effect 4 and Mirror’s Edge 2 Release Date Predictions

by Tatiana Dinuon April 9, 2015
As claimed by Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter, Mass Effect 4 and Mirror’s Edge 2 might be released at the of March, 2016. The news was published by Wedbush Securities, and Pachter suggested that both games might be out before the EA’s 2016 fiscal year ends. EA’s 20016 FY starts this month and it will end […]

Mirror’s Edge 2 and new Criterion game listed for E3 2014: what do we expect

by Tyler Colpon June 4, 2014
The list of games to be shown at E3 are coming out of every orifice. Whether they’re leaked, scheduled, or rumored, we’re getting a good idea of what to expect at the trade show next week. Today, a GameTrailers schedule has revealed that we will definitely see Mirror’s Edge 2 and a new game from […]

EA claims that if there is a Battlefield game in 2014, it won’t be developed by DICE

by Charlie Grammeron December 6, 2013
Speaking with gaming business analyst Michael Pachter, EA has stated that any new Battlefield game in 2014 wouldn’t be developed by DICE. According to Mr. Pachter, EA management stated, “Although they have not yet announced a version of Battlefield for FY:15,” Pachter wrote in a note to investors and media, “they confirmed that our understanding […]

EA speaks about next-generation and new franchises

by Charlie Grammeron August 27, 2013
During a recent interview, EA’s Frank Gibeau spoke about next-generation and a few new franchises. In addition to speaking about Titanfall (during which, Mr. Gibeau repeatedly stated that EA is “Platform agnostic”, and the reason that Titanfall is going to be a platform exclusive is because it is developed by one of their partners, not […]

Mirror’s Edge 2 announcement took so long since EA was waiting for the “right” concept

by Dragos Dobreon July 26, 2013
The first game in Mirror’s Edge series was launched back in 2008, and while it wasn’t known by every single gamer, it was somehow a big success for the company. Back at E3 2013, EA teased the first trailer for the upcoming Mirror’s Edge 2. Apparently, the company waited so much time to develop a […]

Mirror’s Edge rip off ad

by Dragos Dobreon July 18, 2013
According to a neoGAF user, a company from Germany developed an comercial add that is a total rip-off of Mirror’s Edge. We saw the video and we could not agree more on this matter, even the smallest features from this game were “borrowed”. If you did not know, EA just announced the release of Mirror’s […]

E3 2013: Mirror’s Edge 2 will be an open-world game

by Dragos Dobreon June 12, 2013
Mirror’s Edge 2 has been officially announced at E3 2013, after a few rumours were spread out on internet due to some errors made by Amazon. Sadly, only a trailer was shown, no release date was revealed or on what platforms the game will be released. Today, EA’s president Frank Gibeau, revealed that Mirror’s Edge […]

Pleasant surprises at EA’s media briefing (I’m not joking!)

by Ryan Bateson June 10, 2013
It’s pretty common knowledge that I have not been EA’s biggest fan as of late. The Kings of Microtransaction, haters of the Wii U, and two-time winner of the Golden Poo make it easy to hate on them. But when I say the following, I say it with full sincerity: EA had a fairly good […]

E3 2013: New Mirror’s Edge confirmed

by Ramon Arandaon June 10, 2013
After a five year absence, Faith is back, as EA revealed during their press conference today that Mirror’s Edge is in development for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game, which is being developed by DICE, will use the Frostbite engine and according to EA is a reboot of the franchise. “We introduced […]

Mirror’s Edge 2 domains updated by EA

by Dragos Dobreon June 4, 2013
In the past couple of weeks, two of Amazon’s stores accidentaly listed Mirror’s Edge 2 as a pre-order. That was our first contact with EA’s long awaited game. Today, we get another glimpse of hope, due to the fact that EA has renewed its ownership of the domain “ This is a common practice, as […]