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MARVEL Future Fights receives The Perfect Halloween update

by Charlie Grammeron October 30, 2015
Netmarble Games unleashed a new update for their blockbuster Mobile Action RPG, MARVEL Future Fight, yesterday. This update features new characters, some creepy costumes, and a host of gameplay improvements. The three new characters introduced in this update, known as The Perfect Halloween, are Lash, Warwolf, and Elsa Bloodstone. Costumes present in the update include […]

MARVEL Future Fight receives Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. update

by Charlie Grammeron October 9, 2015
Netmarble has recently shared the newest update for their Mobile Action RPG, MARVEL Future Fight. This special update features brand new characters from Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., coinciding with the third season of the hit television show. Players will be able to recruit notable agents such as leader Phil Coulson, Daisy Johnson (Skye), Bobbi Morse, […]

MARVEL Future Fight receives Marvel Secret Wars update

by Charlie Grammeron August 28, 2015
Netmarble Games was thrilled this week to unleash the newest content update for MARVEL Future Fight, pertaining to Marvel Secret Wars. For those wondering, the Marvel Secret Wars comic storyline combines multiple Worlds and characters onto a single planet known as Battleworld. Here an epic adventure will determine the course of the Marvel Universe’s future. […]

MARVEL Future Fight receives co-op features

by Charlie Grammeron July 31, 2015
Netmarble Games has unleashed a new update for their blockbuster Mobile Action RPG, MARVEL Future Fight. This update, following the Ant-Man-inspired update released earlier this month, incorporates new co-op gameplay and additional features. For the first time in the history of MARVEL Future Fight, up to three players can join the fray and battle alongside […]

MARVEL Future Fight receives Guardians of the Galaxy update

by Charlie Grammeron June 24, 2015
Netmarble Games revealed the release of the first major update for their blockbuster mobile action role-playing game, MARVEL Future Fight. This update features the characters from Guardians of the Galaxy and will see the introduction of new heroes, villains, a new mission stage, and several additional in-game features. That’s right, you’ll be able to see […]

Marvel Future Fight achieves more than 10 million downloads

by Charlie Grammeron May 21, 2015
Netmarble Games was thrilled to announce that their blockbuster Mobile Action RPG, Marvel Future Fight, has hit the Top 10 “Top Free Apps” list, having surpassed 10 million downloads across 118 countries in a mere two weeks. In fact, in South Korea, the game managed to grab the number one spot in terms of downloads […]

Marvel Future Fight battles on mobile today

by Charlie Grammeron April 30, 2015
Today Netmarble Games and Marvel were thrilled to announce the launch of the blockbuster mobile RPG, Marvel Future Fight for free on both the App Store and Google Play. Marvel Future Fight features 36 of the most famous Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains, and features a storyline penned by none other than best-selling Marvel […]

Marvel Future Fight launches on April 30

by Charlie Grammeron April 23, 2015
Recently Netmarble Games Corporation announced that their newest and most anticipated action RPG title for mobile devices (both Android and iOS), Marvel Future Fight, will be launching globally on April 30, 2015. This title, create by the team of Marvel and Netmarble, aims to be “an immersive player experience that captures the excitement of the […]