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E3 2015 Predictions: Nintendo

by David Pooleon May 28, 2015
E3 is almost upon us and news is slowly starting to surface before the big show. We at GotGame have some pretty good ideas of what might be announced so far, but we’re going to make a few more based on the big three console makers, starting with the house of Mario, Nintendo. Nintendo is […]

GGR 988 – Game of Thrones & Mario Kart 8  

by Steve Masterson April 16, 2015
Listen up video gamers… it’s Steve Masters with GotGame! I finally got a chance to play the Game of Thrones episode one. It plays like all the tell tale games. Some story stuff, then you have to chose a comment, then quick time events. And yes… you get to play with your sword too! Game of Thrones […]

GGR 900 – Wolfenstein The New Order & Mario Kart 8

by Steve Masterson January 6, 2015
Listen up video gamers… it’s Steve Masters with GotGame! This week, I’m counting down my top ten console video games from 2014… number 10… Wolfenstein The New Order! This is a great re-boot of the Wolfestein franchise, and it looks amazing on PlayStation 4! A fun combination of stealth, and shooting at the creepy Nazi’s! Wolfenstein The New Order… […]

The First Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack Will Include Yoshi Circuit

by Tatiana Dinuon October 22, 2014
The first DLC pack for Mario Kart 8 will include Yoshi Circuit from Mario Kart: Double Dash. The DLC pack will be available in November, and a Tanooki Buggy kart will be included as well. Here is a list with the things included in the downloadable pack: 3 characters – Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach, and […]

GGR 812 – Metro Redux & Mario Kart 8 

by Steve Masterson September 25, 2014
Listen up video gamers…it’s Steve Masters with GotGame! One of the games I’ve been trying to finish is… Metro Redux. The story unfolds with action… and horror survival.  There’s even a part where your in a bar, drinking vodka! Pick up some extra ammo off the drunk guys table. You’ll need it when you try to […]

Mario Kart 8 to get all-star DLC! (UPDATE)

by David Pooleon August 26, 2014
(UPDATE) Nintendo of America has released an official press release regarding the content for North America.  Turns out North American fans will be getting the content a bit cheaper, as the pricing will be $7.99 each, or $11.99 for both.  The content will be available for pre-purchase starting tomorrow, celebrating the 22nd anniversary of Super […]

Mario Kart 8 to receive three Mercedes-Benz cars as part of update

by David Pooleon August 6, 2014
It’s been a few weeks since it was announced that Mario Kart 8 would be receiving Mercedes-Benz DLC, but it looks like we now have a release date for it.  On August 27th, Mario Kart 8 will receive a free update that will give players the ability to download three Mercedes-Benz cars: the modern Mercedes-Benz […]

Buy or Sell: Mario Kart 8, PS4 remakes, Pokemon MMO

by Marcos Arandaon August 5, 2014
It’s time for another edition of Buy or Sell, as we have both Tim St. Croix and Sean Garmer joining us to share their thoughts on a variety of topics, so let’s get right to the debate. 1. You like the idea of some key PS3 titles getting the PS4 treatment. Sean Garmer:  BUY. When […]

GGR 755 – Watch Dogs & Mario Kart 8

by Steve Masterson July 20, 2014
Listen up videogamers…it’s Steve Masters with GotGame! What are the top-selling video games for consoles? Watch Dogs continues to sell on Xbox one and PS4. This is a highly detailed world, where you can use your phone to hack into almost everything… Watchdogs is a must play for action video gamers… Number 2…Mario Kart 8 for […]

Mario Kart 8 becomes the top selling game in June

by Ramon Arandaon July 18, 2014
Well say what you want about Wii U sales and the lack thereof, but the release of Mario Kart 8 has been giving the console a much needed boost, and in June, MK8 ended up being the best selling game in the U.S. with over 470,000 units sold (physical and digital). With the game having […]

Would you buy character DLC for Mario Kart 8?

by Ramon Arandaon June 24, 2014
So we all know that Nintendo is at the very least down with DLC on the Wii U. We saw the company release a legit expansion to New Super Mario Bros. U with New Super Luigi U. And with the company announcing some free DLC for Mario Kart 8 in the way of a Mercedes-Benz […]