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Highlights from the April 12th Nintendo Direct (Nintendo 3DS)

by David Pooleon April 12, 2017
Nintendo pulled a fast one on many of their fans today with a Nintendo Direct that promised to showcase information about ARMS and Splatoon 2. To clarify, they kept their promise, but they also slipped dozens of other stealth announcements into the presentation. Not only did the Nintendo Direct outline a good portion of the […]

Meta Knight Amiibo is a Best Buy exclusive!

by David Pooleon November 19, 2014
Not long after the announcement that Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles would be an exclusive figure with GameStop, Best Buy has announced that Meta Knight will be their retail exclusive Amiibo early next year.  This doesn’t seem to be based on any particular theme as previously thought, which means that if retailers like Amazon or Toys […]

Meta Knight swoops back into Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS

by David Pooleon August 13, 2014
Previously, game director Masahiro Sakurai teased costumes for the Mii fighters based on the other Nintendo combatants.  In the teaser, he had one of the Miis posing as Kirby anti-hero Meta Knight, though not an official character reveal.  Today on the official Smash Bros. website, it was officially revealed and Meta Knight looks just as […]

E3 2014 Kirby Wii-U – Video game Thoughts Reviews, Stage 1 Beginner level

by Chris Boreson June 11, 2014
I dig Kirby games and the newest one for the Wii-U is a different concept. This one is a bit different than you would expect but there is some redeeming quality about it. Will it beable to sustain throughout the entire game? Only time will tell. Here are my thoughts and the gameplay on the first level. Enjoy!

Girls Gone Hard Ep 1 – Contra

by hard4gameson May 31, 2014
1 hot couple 2 games, HIS or HERS? Chance will decide.  Will they make each other Hard4Games? Tonight on Girls Gone Hard.Will Bobby and Jessica play Contra or Kirby’s Epic Yarn? Facebook: Twitter: Music, Shirts, and HardCon 4 info: Check out our Animator/Illustrator’s Site:

Review | Kirby: Triple Deluxe

by Drew Robbinson May 13, 2014
Like the character whose name it bears, Kirby is a franchise that has always been adaptive to its environment. Over time, Kirby has starred in a gyroscopic puzzler, a golf game, a pair of touch-screen-controlled action platformers, and countless other titles that have all deviated from the series’ roots. Kirby Triple Deluxe is different in […]

Nintendo announces new digital content

by Tim St. Croixon April 10, 2014
So here is the rollout of the hotness: For the Virtual Console on Wii U : Kirby & The Amazing Mirror – April is a month to remember with classic games launching each week! Summon Red, Yellow and Green Kirby to help you solve puzzles, fight enemies or take out the big baddies. Use copy abilities such as the […]

French artist creates a Kirby-themed Game Boy Color

by Charlie Grammeron April 1, 2014
If you love Nintendo’s Game Boy Color as well as the classic icon Kirby, you’ll probably love the new custom design by the French artist Oskunk. As you can see above he went and painstakingly turned a Game Boy Color into a Kirby-themed console, which almost any gamer of the 1990s would likely be proud to […]

Gaming with Killatia Kirby Dream Land

by killatiaon November 9, 2013
Today on Gaming with Killatia we take a look at the classic Gameboy game Kirby Dream Land. Also available on the 3DS eshop and on the Kirby Dream Collection. Facebook: Twitter:

Nintendo Direct video confirms new Kirby game, new Wii U update

by Charlie Grammeron October 1, 2013
Today, Nintendo Direct showed off a video that revealed quite a bit of information. Instead of bombard you with all of the information at once, however, we’ll be splitting it up into smaller segments, linking each post together in case you want to read more upon finishing. The final Wii U information that was revealed […]

Wii U special offer: buy two Kirby games, get one free

by Pashford Muranoon May 25, 2013
As part of a special promotion, involving the release of three classic Kirby games on the Wii U eShop, Nintendo has announced a special incentive for early adopters. Pro-active Wii U gamers who download two of the three newly released Kirby titles by May 30th on the Virtual Console will be given a chance to […]